Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Handy Sandy helps Gramma

I forgot to mention! A post card came for me before we left - from Little Fox! It's from Fort Vancouver... which you would think would be in Vancouver BC but no... there is a Vancouver down in the states too! Just to confuse the tourists... Did you hear about the Dutch tourist who booked a flight for Sydney, Australia and was a bit surprised to find himself in Sydney, Nova Scotia?? He did wonder, when he switched connecting flights in Toronto, why the second plane was so small... Apparently this happened to an Italian couple too... although in their case it was their booking agency that made the boo-boo... I wonder if this happens for Vancouver BC and Vancouver WA as well?

Anyhow... Gramma says that since I'm here, she can make use of Handy Sandy's services. Alright then... what do we have... uh-huh... a loose towel bar... very common problem.

Yup... it has that little slot screw on the bottom... I need some tools. I wonder what sort of tool assortment Gramma has?

Oh wow... I think we're good!

Oooh... tools... love tools... let's see... little slot screwdriver...

There we go... let's get to work...

Sometimes with loose towel bars, it can be because the bracket isn't tight... but this one is... and it looks like the towel bar thingie just wasn't flush on the bracket...

So now we put it all back together again.

Gramma said "Thanks Handy Sandy!"... awww... it's so nice to be appreciated...

Then she said she had a treat for me... for me??

Oooohhhh... it's the Treat Drawer!!!! Mmmmmmm....

Oops! Sorry Ben... too late, eh? Did Jerry already drool all over the screen? Sorry!!

AND... now that Gramma has had a day to prepare for my appearance... we are having chicken for dinner! Apparently it's not salmon season... oh well...

Mmm... juicy succulent bbq chicken (from Safeway - sorry, no back coop deals this time!).

Shoot... did I forget to put up a Drool Warning too? Oh well... It was a lovely dinner and afterwards...

***hic*** a little bear had a tot of Disaronno... beary good... ***hic*** (excuse me).


  1. That chicken looks really really good. Us foxes have a thing for chicken you know. Drunk Fox is impressed with the alcohol content of the Disaronno. I had to have a bottle of sparkling water handy for DF when I showed him this post - the sparkling water is his alcohol substitute.

    1. I thought you would like the chicken - it was very succulent and juicy.... mmmm.... Maybe I should have put an alcohol warning on the blog as well as a Drool warning?

  2. The confusion happens all the time. Especially when your Vancouver was hosting the olympics, people would call hotels in Vancouver WA being surprised that hotels had such reasonably priced rooms in the middle of February during the olympics.

    Luckily for those who confuse Vancouver BC with Vancouver WA it's only a couple hours away.

  3. Yay, Handy Sandy is back! We haven't had a how-to post for a while.

    P.S. I guess we never really got the right angle of your face in the pictures before, but I didn't realize you were such a smiley bear! I like it :)

  4. Working around the house helping others must put Sandy in his "Happy Place" or he started drinking the Disaronno before working on the project.

    1. Sometimes handy projects get a bit frustrating and Handy Sandy needs to just chill and relax rather than focusing on his to-do list!