Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dinner at Gramma's

Oh hullo, I just had a wee nap and it is almost time for dinner... I should go check and see if I can help. You know... be the official taste tester or something.

Gramma always makes such nice food for me... sockeye salmon, pink salmon, spring salmon... mmmm

Aww... there's even some tulips!

Huh... no salmon in the fridge... maybe it's already cooking? Little bears miss a lot when they nap during the winter!

Oh... we have some sliced carrots ready to go... they go nicely with salmon.

Ah... and here's gramma! Let's see... what do we have?

Ummm... wow... that's a pretty dark shade of salmon. I've never seen such a colour before.

Do any of you know what type of salmon that might be? Little Fox? Is it Copper River Salmon?

Uhh... ohhh... I don't think this is salmon... nooo... it is not!

Oh dear...

 Definitely not salmon... liver and onions with potatoes and carrots... seriously??? I mean maybe some carnivores will eat this but... this little bear is most definitely a non-organ carnivore!

Gramma just shrugged and said "that's the price you pay for stowing away" (did that rhyme?)... sigh... next time I'm gonna have to text Gramma that I'm stowing away and let her know she needs to stock up on salmon!


  1. We bet it's still good! Maybe if you just give Gramma some sad bear eyes, she might at least make you some hot chocolate (always works for us!).

  2. Liver, ugh.....well, at least it's full of iron so that is good for little bears. It's definitely no copper river salmon but if there is anyone who can make liver taste good I bet it's Gramma.

  3. Hmm.. you can stay awhile at Gramma's house and help out with chores. Y'know, earn your keep and all for some salmon in exchange...