Monday, November 20, 2017

Drool Alert... Ham!

Chef Sandy here... today we got a smoked pork picnic shoulder for super cheap... mmmm....

Oh... and in case you missed the title... this is a Drool Alert video... at least for carnivores... although herbivores might find something yummy here too.

You can cook a smoked pork picnic shoulder many ways... some people leave the cheesecloth on and boil them... today, we are going to bake it with a glaze.

Usually, the glaze calls for orange juice or something similar... we didn't have any...

But we did have honey...

So Chef Sandy got creative and used blackberries instead of orange juice... wow... that is one pink glaze!

I hope this works out...

It is beary pink...

so... you put the meat in the pan with some water, cover it with foil and bake it for a while (1.5 hours).

Then you take it out... and pull off that chunk of skin... the pork rind. Some people (or dogs) might have done something with it... but we just pitched it. (do I hear shrieks of dismay?)

 You leave the fat on... but score the fat and the meat...

Then add some glaze...

Then it goes back in the oven for a bit... then gets re-glazed... more oven... etc.

We made some veggies up to roast in the oven as well - potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, onions.. mmmm...

Hmm... some more glazing required.

And... the veggies are done!

And the ham is... done! A bit dark but... oh so yummy!

That's it... won't show you us chowing down cause that would not be fair!


  1. Hmm.. super cheap pork shoulder. Was it another one of your back alley deals?
    It looks delicious!

  2. @LF - it was yum.
    @Ajdin - it was a Superstore deal... so I guess a back aisle deal... do they count? You say "alley"... I say "aisle"??

  3. A superstore deal, haven't heard of that. Is that like a manager's special where the meat is marked down 30% or something? Either way you did a great job and it looks delicious.

    1. Umm... it's kinda like a walmart/sam's club hybrid I think. Definitely a back aisle deal though... it was more than 50% off!!

    2. Wow, more than 50 percent off. I love a good deal.