Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Late Summer Camping - Part 1

Soo... a few days ago... OK... a few weeks ago... OK... in early September! (Sheesh)... We went camping for a night. We went to a friend's place down by the water.

They have a huge property with a fixer-upper house on it...

They also have a couple of dogs... That's Stetson on the left and Ivy on the right...

Ivy looks friendly...  or is she just trying to get a taste of me to see if I'm edible?

Oooh... the ocean!!

 Heh-heh... on such a big property... you need an outside outhouse of course... with solar lighting too.

Vroom! Let's back this zodiac into the water and take it for a spin, shall we?

Huh... backing up a boat trailer is beary hard apparently... and I am not qualified for this... but it would be nice to go out on the boat.

I could hang over the edge and watch the salmon go by.

Or not... a bear can dream though.

Alright then... let's eat!

In a bit... first it's time to chill on the Muskoka chairs (Adirondack chairs in the US).

Such is a bear's life...

 Heh-heh... can you read that sign? "On this site in 1897, Nothing Happened"! hah!

So... are we fishing for dinner?

Catching salmon?

Maybe they're not running yet?

Sigh... no salmon... but a nice picnic spread with all sorts of options.


And a fresh beer... (hic)... cause (hic)... I'm camping!


  1. Looks like a fun outing. But *ahem*...where's your lifejacket, young man?....

    1. It's... ummm... it's one of those invisible ones... you know... that inflate and become visible when it hits water... right?

  2. Drunk Fox here: Man that food and that BEER looks really good. Perhaps you can have an alcohol warning like your drool warning on future blogs?

    I will have to read up on why Canadian's call those chairs Muskoka. I am always looking for a new project, thanks Sandy.

    1. Oopss... sorry DF! I can't quite decide if Muskoka is just a brand name or if it's the Canadian name... be interested to hear the results of your research!

  3. We sometimes camp in the winter...well, not outside, but inside, we make a fort with the couch cushions and pillows, and papa makes smores...it's fun to take a winter break that way.

    1. That is a beary smart idea. When Mama was a kid... she used to make a fort under the dining room table with blankets and pillows and entertain her stuffy friends. Hmmm... seems like not much has changed!