Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Another Garden Update

Hullo again. Wow, time flies! I have been a beary busy bear of late... Today we are taking another look at the garden, because it has moved along quite a bit.

We have some squash that we planted in mid-summer, a bit later than normal but... it's taken off!

And somewhere in here... under all these leaves.

We have a big squash. We think it's a Pink Squash... or maybe a French Pink... or something.

There's another one growing back there...

We planted some late scarlet runner beans in August and they've been going gang-busters too.

The humming birds love these!

And on the other side of the runner beans... we have some bush beans.

They were a mix pack of purple, yellow and green. They are doing well too.

We did try some zucchini early in the season but it has been beary slow... there is one little zucchini... Not sure if it will get bigger or not. Our overnight temperatures are getting close to freezing... brr!

Our tomatoes in the greenhouse were crappy so we tore them out and put some of our potted tomatoes in there... they've done quite well but are reaching the end of their life too.

And cucumbers... well... they've done really well! These are lemon cucumbers... and they were much later than the long English but... we have several of them.

And now... drum roll please... our piece-de-resistance... an Eggplant!!! Yes!!! An actual, normal sized, lovely purple eggplant. Only one mind you... despite dozens of flowers but... it's a beautiful one.

Isn't it cute?

 Basil... well... it did OK. We are still digging basil pesto out of the freezer from last year so we didn't go hog wild over basil this year.

The broccoli... still producing like wild and we can't keep up. so we are letting it go to flower. If you look closely, you can see bees munching down on the flowers!

Still lots of beets...

And carrots and scallions...

But... finally... we are here to dig out the potato box. We tried potatoes in here as well as in a regular bed. The potatoes in here didn't seem to do all that well...

Let's dig it out and see what we got.

Are you ready?

Yup... that's it! Five German Butterfly potatoes and two tiny, itsy bitsy read potatoes. You have to look really hard to spot those.

I don't know about the potato box next year... Maybe we should plant zucchini in there instead!


  1. It's amazing how different the harvest yields can be from year to year...

  2. Wow, the garden looks awesome! You have a real green paw!

    1. It's all in the supervision you know... in the planning and preparation. This is the most beary important role, which I do beary well!