Friday, September 22, 2017

A Chair Fit for a Bear

Hullo... have you ever noticed that humans really don't attend to stuffie comfort all that much? The humans here have these nice Adirondack chairs... two of them.

 But is there a chair for me? No...

And if I do manage to steal some chair time... it's not really the right size. Or the right shape. Sort of the reverse of Goldilocks and her bed issue. This is Sandy and his chair issue.

But... the other day we went garage sale-ing and...

I found the Perfect Bear Chair!!! It is seriously perfect.

It's right size...

It's the right shape.

It's the right colour.

I love it!! I just had to be patient (not my strong suit)... but now I can sit in the yard, soak up some sun and sip my honey mead!


  1. Yeah! We found those chairs too this summer. The arm rest is perfect to hold a mug of hot chocolate or small plate of cookies (very beary essential).

    1. They are SO perfect for a little bear. I found a Montreal Canadiens mug too so I am all set.

    2. We saw that! So beary cool. Now, you do need a little bell that you can set on the other arm rest, so that you can ring for service, and have one of the seKretaries bring you refills...

    3. I noticed that your mug was empty.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes you do... You do a lot of supervision outside and it's only right that you have a supervisor's chair. I sent you a link...

    2. Drunk Fox here: I saw the link, thank you. I was thinking about making one for Little Fox when he comes back from walk-a-bout.
      At Home Depot in the US, near the paint section they have a sample picnic table (stuffy size) they use to demo the different stain choices one can have. I think you should see if they have one of those at your Home Depot. It would be perfect for your backyard.

  3. I want one! I will have to ask my mom for one. :)

  4. But I am a little bigger so I need to go up a size.

  5. That is the PERFECT size chair for you Sandy!