Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Hullo! Sandy Bear here reporting from the back of Spooky!

I received a beautiful post card from Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. At first... I thought it might be from Little Fox because he was in Utah a while ago. You know how mail can get delayed at the border nowadays. But... it's not from Little Fox!

It was from Ajdin the Bear! Ajdin has been beary busy of late and clearly it's because he has been travelling! Must be nice... thanks Ajdin!

Oh... my new outfit??? Well... yes... its a new outfit!! I wasn't sure if orange and green were my colours... or even if they went together but... apparently they do! Now... if only my humans would mow the lawn just perfectly, I could go out there and practice my putting!


  1. Sandy your outfit looks great! All you need is an Arnold Palmer drink (ice tea and lemonade) to compliment your outfit.

  2. New outfit!!! The gold bag would be a great place to store snacks for long hikes!

  3. Nice outfit! How far can you hit the golf ball?

  4. @LF - I do need a drink! I was thinking more an Iced Hot Chocolate but... anything will do at the moment.

    @Droopy - Now THAT is a brilliant idea... I need to make my own mini-golf course!

    @Jerry & Ben - Thanks!! The golf bag would make a great place to hide many things.

    @Ajdin - I am just a beginning golfer so I am lucky if I hit it...