Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cool Blue River Swimming

Ahhhh... the lazy, hazy days of summer... lying on the beach, sipping an iced hot chocolate. That would be bliss! Well... I have the first part of that OK.

Today, I dragged the humans down to the local river  where there a tonne of cool, deep swimming holes. It was beary hot out and we have been working hard in the garden... I, of course, have been supervising, which is the hardest job of all.

Isn't it beautiful?? There are apparently salmon in there too... must get myself a scuba outfit or something so I can be the bear who Swims with Salmon!

 Some humans were jumping off that bridge into the water... not this little bear!

Soooo nice... do you have a swimming hole where you are?


  1. Iced Hot Chocolate? Sounds good to me.
    Supervising is soooooooo draining on the stuffy. OUr garden could use some help this year, is Jerry available for consultation?

  2. Fun day! We sort of having a swimming hole, but it's more a swimming bowl. Papa fills a big bowl of water and puts it in the back yard. It's not much, but it is fun on a beary hot day.