Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Lake!

Hullo!!! We are going on an adventure today. Gramma has packed a picnic lunch (and you know how good those can be! Let's go!

Here we are... ooohhhh... it is still as beautiful as ever except...

Houston... we have a problem...

There has been a lot of rain and the waters are beary high... like... super high and there is no beach to speak of!!

 So we went a bit farther along the shore and found someone's old firepit... Now we just need some firewood. Usually it's beach driftwood but... not this time!

Goodness, it's beautiful here...

 Alrightee... wood scavengers are we...

There used to be a bunch of old cabins up here... even a dance hall and a hotel (back in the Dark Ages). Rumour has it that Al Capone hid out here back in the 30s! Cool, eh? A lot of the buildings were saved and now live in the heritage park in town.

These pieces of an old cabin are too big to haul back to our firepit.

 I kept getting distracted by the view...

But the humans managed to find a fair bit of wood...


I'm hungry... can we eat now?

Gramma has all the picnic fixings...

Mmm... veggies and hummus...

I know a certain reindeer who would probably like that!

But this is what I'm waiting for!

Nom nom nom.... yum!!!

Oh hey... look, it's a heart shaped rock!!

We brought some of Rascal's ashes up with us... Mama is going to bury some at the foot of the mountain... This rock will be perfect as a gravestone.

 Alrightee... fire has been well and truly doused with water....

Time to say good bye to the lake. And on to other adventures!


  1. The lake looks amazing and a fine resting place for Rascal.

    1. Well, we only found the rock for Rascal there... the resting place is somewhere else. But we may come back next year and sprinkle a bit of her here as well.

  2. Such nice photos. And a campfire...with smores?!?!

    1. Gramma says smores are bad for stuffy fur texture and should only be handled by humans. Can you believe it???