Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Famished Bear

We left off with a construction site... sigh... I am a famished bear! Will I ever get lunch?

Finally... we are here!!!

Hmmm... Adventure Tours??

Do we look related? I think our ears are similar!

Still hungry though.... and now we are in a Tsunami zone?

Nice murals down here...

A pod of orcas! I think seafood might be on the menu for lunch...

Bingo!!! Let's eat here!

The humans concur...

Choices.. choices... so many choices...

Mama ordered the prawn platter - mmmm...

And Gramma got a shrimp salad...

I... of course... got to nibble off of both plates! After we were done, we wandered around. This place used to be THE place to get seafood in Rupert... but Gramma says it's gone downhill in the last few years. Mph.

 Oooohhhh... fishing boats!!

Do you think they sell salmon? Maybe off the back of the boat...

 It sure looks like it...

 Hmmm... Gramma says we don't need to get salmon... What?? Hmmm... maybe this is too out in the open? You know how we like back alley deals... time will tell!

 Cruise ship!! Have any of my stuffie pals ever done a cruise?? Are they worth it?

So... where to next? What?? What do you mean, "look behind me?"...

Beary nice tonsils!! Your teeth look pretty clean too. You're good until your next checkup!

 Heh-heh... just a bear mural!

 Aren't we cute together?

To Be Continued


  1. Great photos Sandy! Will you have time to provide dental consulting with all your travels and helping solve crime? hehe

  2. Does Gramma know of a better place to buy salmon then off the boat? Do share.

    Prince Rupert looks like a cool place. It's now on my list.

    1. Gramma says straight off the fishing rod is better... I defer to Gramma's knowledge in such matters. Although that boat sure looked tempting!

      Rupert is a cool place although... most of the year it gets liquid sunshine instead of real sunshine. It's a great jumping off point to the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii). Highly recommend that for a visit too! Mama worked 4 summers there and it is gorgeous. The beach from Tlell, up around Rose Spit and down to Tow Hill is a multi-day hike option and on our bucket list.

  3. Wow great murals! My mom has done a cruise before but I have not yet!

    By the way, I would like to order the seafood platter please...

    1. Seafood platter coming up! Does your mom recommend a cruise?? We are thinking maybe an Alaskan cruise with Grampa... lots of bears and glaciers up there...