Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bye to Rose and Otto

Eventually... at the end of the long weekend, we had to say good-bye to Rose and Otto... sigh...

Bye Otto!!! "Bye Sandy!!"

But... wait... not goodbye yet... we get to go with them on the ferry!!! Hey, who photo-bombed the photo!

Tickle her!!

There's nothing like stuffie tickles!!

And we're off!!

Somebody looks a little mischievous... she wants to go to the front of the boat...

... cause it's way more fun for long-haired people... sigh...

But now we have to wait while she untangles the knots... sometimes humans are beary high maintenance.

Oh good... we're done... and now Otto and I are starving!

Hmmm... poutine...

Does anyone out there like poutine? Cheese curds on fries smothered in gravy??

And then there was a big rush when Auntie picked us up and took us to their place and then swooped Rose away... so now it's just us and... Daisy!

We are taking her for a walk along the old railway track...

Oooh... ahhhh... It looks pretty nice!

I don't know if you remember... but this was a beary contentious issue... the railway company ripped up a bunch of community garden beds that were "too close" to the abandoned railway line. And then they were trying to sell it for $$$$$$ to the city and it went to court and mediation and... anyhow... it's settled! They sold it for $$$ and then if the city ever does anything with the land and makes $$$$$ off of it, the railway company will get some.

For now though... there is a nice paved bike/walk path and a wood chip path for joggers...

The community gardens are still going strong...

And this corner even got a pollinator's garden...

Did you see the bees, Jerry??? Big bees!!!

I guess we're heading home tomorrow...


  1. Poutine on a ferry? Cool!

    The paved path looks great, I bet you a stuffie was involved in the mediation - seems like the decision was a "win-win" for everyone so I assuming the citizens of Vancouver (not Washington) should thank a stuffie.

  2. Bees!!!! You're so lucky to get a visit from Rose AND Otto! Ben says he knows what poutine is!

  3. @Little Fox - I know. Go figure - poutine on a BC Ferry! A stuffie must have been involved as a mediator because both sides were deadlocked for sooooo long. Things would run a lot smoother in the world if there were more stuffies.

    @Jerry & Ben - Of course Ben knows what poutine is!! Do you guys get poutine down there?

  4. Yay, the bee garden! Save the bees! Save the honey!