Thursday, June 29, 2017

Back Home and Mail!

Hullo!! Back home again. It was great to visit Gramma and it's great to be home again because... there is...


It's from Jerry & Ben... I wonder what they sent??

Some glasses for me?? I have 20/20 vision... do I need glasses??

Ooooh.... sunglasses!!! That is beary cool!!

Whaddya think??

I think I look pretty sharp... and I am all prepped for the summer weather - if we ever get any!


  1. Looking good. Is that Rascal on the pin?

  2. Nice shades! You're ready for the beach, for sure.

  3. The sunglasses look good on you Sandy! How did Jerry and Ben know the right size? :)

  4. @LF - thanks! Nope, not Rascal on the pin - was something I won from Beanie Mouse.
    @Jerry & Ben - I look like a movie star!
    @Droopy - Definitely ready for the beach.
    @Ajdin - Jerry and Ben got themselves pairs first!!