Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hello! It is I, Sandy Bear and... YES!!! We have snow!! Not just any snow, mind you, crispy snow. Because it is -4C... brrr...

I have my own skating rink... a small one I guess.

The flowers look kind of pretty with their snow hats.

This is beary early for snow for us...

And I think the cold nuked the nasturtiums that were happily blooming until a few days ago.

Now... if only I could make a snow-bear or a bear-angel... but... the snow is a bit too crispy for that. We are supposed to get more though. Do you have snow yet?


  1. 2 t0 4 inches tomorrow. Ugh, we're not supposed to get snow down here.

  2. We had snow already, and it melted. Now it is beary cold (luckily Ben stocked up on hot chocolate), and it is supposed to snow again soon.

  3. We don't have any snow. We had rain. No snow!

  4. No snow yet, thank goodness. I'm sure that will change soon....

  5. Brr... it was -8C here the other morning and we just got a dump of another 4 inches of snow! Good thing I kept all my winter gear and didn't sell it...

  6. We do not have snow yet but it is getting beary cold and the roads are getting slippery. My mom likes to drive but will start taking the metro to work to avoid car accidents...