Thursday, December 1, 2016

September Mystery Trip - Part 6

Righto... today is a bit of a different adventure. We are looking at ancient history (like from the 1940s). Mama says that back during the War, there was an army base here, with a squadron of fighter planes stationed at the airport. Sounds cool. She also says there are old army bunkers around... Let's see... Do you see it? There behind me? This is right along the highway.

Let's go check it out.


You know, Mama, you're familiar with this sort of stuff... so I bow to your expertise...

You go first...

No seriously... I'll be right behind you!

Well... that's not so bad... just some crazy graffiti...

And a hole in the roof... wonder if that was for ventilation? Maybe they stored munitions here?

Spooky place though.... and getting hard to see from the highway.

At the airport there is this thing... it was a artillery backer... or something...

With some cubbies in behind.... maybe they test fired artillery here?

More graffiti...

Cool though!

Down a few airport side roads... if you know where to look... you come to this....

Keep Out. Restricted Area. Mama remembers reading about a mobile hospital from the 1950s being stored somewhere up here as part of Canada's National Disaster Preparedness program. Apparently there were about 200 squirreled away across Canada. I wonder if it's in there??

And then we have this... beary interesting. A bunch of junk and...

Another bunker. But this one has a door... with a hole in it...

Uhhhh... what do you mean you went first last time and now I go first?

mmmm.... nope....

You're the one with the flashlight on the camera...

I am right behind you... (ready to run screaming away).

Ooooh... beary dark! At which point, Gramma said, "Be careful of rats!"... and we heard some rustling and... scrambled back with squeaks of terror... but it was just a porcupine.

There we go... Holy mackeral... it looks like a dumping ground for furniture and old plane tires. Stinks too like oil or something.

Quite large actually... bigger than the first one.

And... white tanks with EHS on them... that's Emergency Health Services, part of the old mobile hospital stash. Wonder if it's in the orange-door bunker?

This one has some seriously rickety stairs going up to a hut.

Which is derelict... wonder what was in here?

And some old piece of airport equipment. Somebody should report these guys for illegal dumping! And... that's our visit to Gramma!! Salmon, mushrooms, and old army bases!


  1. We have a battery similar to that one on the mouth of the Columbia River for defense of the river during WWII. Emergency Hospitals is a good idea - I wonder what was in those tanks that said EHS?

    1. I think they are oxygen tanks... whether there is any left in there after decades is another question.

  2. That is the shadier than any back alley deal you've ever taken part in Sandy.

  3. I agree. Your human is taking you to some very dark places, literally and figuratively...

  4. Oh, that looks a bit scarey--we sure wouldn't want to go in those places alone!

    1. That's ok... that's why you can take your Papa along... push him up front and you're good to go!