Friday, December 30, 2016

In Winter's Icy Grip

Hullo! It's been snowing tonnes up here... by our standards.

And it got pretty cold too... below 0C and a few days it was down near -10C!

We had put our squash out in a tub on the deck cause... well... cause it never gets that cold out there! But it did get cold... and we needed to do something with the squash before it all thawed and turned to mush...

Any ideas??? Well... we decided to do squash soup!

These are a few of our pink squash...

You need to peel them, cut out the core and then cut them into cubes. We have here a guest chef's assistant... can you guess who it is?

It's Gramma!!!! She was here over Christmas!!

Let me do an inspection... hmmm... pretty good Gramma!

Jerry and Ben want to know if Gramma will be baking any cookies... she says maybe a German nut cake... mmmm....

Alright... first we melt a bit of butter in a big pot...

Then we add one of each - diced onion, diced carrot, diced celery stalk and diced potato...

Get them browning....

Then add the squash.

 Mmmm... looks good!

Then you add some broth - we used chicken broth - enough to cover all the veggies...

Like that... bring it to a burble, turn down to a simmer for 40 minutes.

Hmmm... ran out of photos!! Then you run it through the blender in small batches (careful cause it's hot), put it back in pot and add spices as you like. We added a bit of curry powder and some Montreal Chicken spice - cause we like it a bit edgy. YUM!!


  1. Gramma!!!!!!!!!!

    Squash soup with curry, chicken stock, diced apple and onion, then put all in the blender, would be delicious! What time should be be over??

  2. Grammas are the best aren't they? The soup looks delicious!

  3. That soup looks really good. Did Gramma bake any cookies for an appetizer?