Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Preparations

Hullo!! We have had quite a bit of snow... for us! Look at the garden, it is totally buried.

But a bit of snow isn't going to stop this bear from going on a foraging expedition for Christmas boughs...

First up... we need some holly... there are some trees near our place, just down the street, around the corner and through a hedge...

Don't they look pretty? Pretty... but prickly!

Alright... what's next?

Hmmm... a bit more of a trek...

Over snow banks and falling into crevasses... I didn't know we were crossing a glacier!

Oof.. are we there yet?

Oh these are nice... some fir boughs...

A few pine branches, skinny ones.

And then a trip to the feral rabbit colony...

 They seem to be managing fine in this cold snap - I wonder if anyone feeds them?

And now... for some more bushy pine trees - these are gorgeous!

 And finally... a stop for some balsam fir boughs.

Whew... there we go... the start of a table centrepiece.

 Or maybe not a centrepiece... it got a bit big. More of a sideboard centrepiece now!

We also had found some blue spruce and some variegated cedar branches... beary nice.

 But we picked a bit too much for just a centrepiece...

So we have to make...

A swag for the front of the house!! Beautiful!


  1. Great decorations - nice job crossing the glacier - now I am assuming you had a hot mug of hot chocolate after your adventure.

  2. Your decorations look beautiful! Jerry is studying the photos beary carefully.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!