Monday, November 28, 2016

September Mystery Trip - Part 5

Today we are out at the cross country ski trails. I know, it's a bit early for skiing... but we're not here to ski.... we are here to explore the woods for mushrooms!

Kind of spooky woods I have to say.

First find of the day... BAD mushroom. Cute but deadly.

There are a few spooky trails along here... probably old logging tracks...

And here... here we have the prize... the King Bolete... sooooo goood according to Gramma.

I hope we find more...

I see some!

After maybe half an hour we had quite the bag full...

Well... actually three bags full!

And someone got bear wet kneeling in the moss... and it wasn't Gramma.

Gramma did think to bring a snack... some almond marzipan crescents. Oh YUM!

That was fun! Now we just have to find our way out of here...

Follow me!

Whew... we made it back out in one piece.

And more snacks... I think they got my memo about the "no picnic" day earlier.

Now we just have to clean them.

And sautee them in some butter...

They sure smell yummy.

And then put them aside to freeze them... at least we're going to try that. Gramma is keeping some to eat fresh later but... there are way too many. She can make mushroom soup later.

And... fresh apple pie as a surprise! Did I mention I am a lucky bear?


  1. Boy, you're surefooted! When my human tries to make me go bipedal, I fall right over. I'm sure Jerry will want to taste test that pie...

    1. it's all about the substrate... moss is kind of bendable so has better support than say pavement!

  2. That delicious pie sure does look like far too much for one little bear to eat by himself; we'd better come over and help you finish it.

    Jerry is already looking at flights.

  3. Replies
    1. Meh... mushrooms... blech! Although... maybe if they were pureed within a mm of their lives...

  4. I love the photo of you walking towards the trees! Do you have a favorite mushroom?

    1. Thanks!! I think chanterelles are my favourite mushroom - cause they're such a nice colour, so easy to identify and they smell nice.