Tuesday, November 22, 2016

September Mystery Trip - Part 3

Hello again. More adventures... Right now we are going down to a little tiny kettle lake (formed when the glaciers retreated an left a chunk of ice in the outwash plain... but you probably didn't need to know that!).

These lakes are small, circular (roughly) and beary deep!

I would add beary beautiful too.

That reflection is amazing.

Hmm... now if someone would swim out there and get that swing to shore...

 Next up... our best option for seeing salmon!

I hope there's salmon... I hope there's salmon... I hope there's salmon...


Salmon!!!! I'm off!

All I need to do is jump in the water and swipe away with my claws and I'll have one.

Or maybe not... that one looks pretty moth-eaten. And Mama says that when they're red, they're not good to eat. Sigh.

I'll leave them for this time...

I see picnic tables... where's the picnic?

Apparently someone forgot to pack a picnic... sigh, the hired help around here...

Another dead salmon... so sad.

We went further up the salmon creek but... it's too fast here.

I was so hoping to get my picture taken with a big salmon.

But this is NOT what I had in mind!! Grumble...