Friday, November 18, 2016

September Mystery Trip - Part 2

Hello! We are off on an adventure today... to my favourite lake.

It's just down there... let's go!

After a cuddle of course...

Isn't it gorgeous? So calm and peaceful... and cold.

I should have brought a fishing rod for salmon...

We could have roasted it over the driftwood fire.

Oooh... what's that on the beach?

Icky... it's a dead salmon!

I hope I didn't miss the salmon run. Rose was here a few weeks before me and the run was in full swing...

Ick again.

And there's another one here...

And another one in the water. This is not a good sign!

But there's also something out there... what is it?

It's a duck!! But if you look closely, not a real duck, just a decoy.

Here's the little creek. If the salmon were running... we'd see them here. Not a single one. Sigh.

But it's still a nice day.

So a little bear can't be too heartbroken.

Warm sand, beautiful location.

Maybe we can find salmon somewhere else?