Friday, November 18, 2016

September Mystery Trip - Part 1

Good morning! Sooooo... I had so many adventures this Fall that some are a bit backlogged. Back in September (!) I woke up here... it looks like the airport! I wonder where we're going?

It's a gorgeous morning though...

Ooohhh... beautiful coastal islands. I can't see any salmon runs though.

This is Vancouver! Maybe I'm going on an International Adventure?

Now... to find the connecting flight... maybe a 767?

Perhaps I need a new hat or something? These surprise trips mean I never get to pack my own clothes.

OK... not a 767...

But that's OK... any adventure is a good adventure.

Bye bye Vancouver...

Hmmm... we're flying north, over the Coastal Mountains... they sure are beautiful.

Beautiful glacier!

And... we're here! Except we're not... the airport is under that Fog Blob... we knew that it was there leaving Vancouver, but they thought it might be cleared off by the time we arrived. It wasn't.

So we flew around in circles for a while south of there. Great mountain and inlet views.

Finally... after more than an hour... we're going in!! I can see the lake... that's a good sign.

Once we landed... it's pretty pea-soupy down there... and where are we???

We're at Gramma's!!!!

Oh boy... wonder what she's got in the fridge... I smell salmon!

And then there's the treat cupboard...

Oooh... a stack of Ritter Sport.

Excuse me... can I have some privacy here??