Sunday, November 20, 2016

More Mail!

Hullo! Sandy Bear hear reporting from the back of Spooky... cause she's in MY chair. I got more mail!

Two things today, which is beary nice.

Cause I donated Bear Blood earlier today... it's nice to be able to sit back and be catered to for a few hours... and read some good mail.

First up, a card from Jerry & Ben. They went to Florida and while their Papa worked, they got to sit by the pool and work on their suntans. Must be nice. Thanks guys!

Ah-hem... wondering if I get to go on any "business" trips soon??? Ohhhh... I DO!!! And where are we going? Somewhere warm and tropical? Um... Prince George and Winterpeg??? In late November and December???? Sigh... I may just pass on those!

Anyhow... an envelope with 2 cards from Little Fox! Oooohh... I like the foxy card - beary fetching. A thank you card for taking Little Fox off to London. Aww... thanks!

And then there's a card for Mama too...

Apparently Little Fox and his roommates are going to be in Vancouver next summer! That would be cool! We could down the Sea to Sky gondola thingie up by Whistler... and go to Britannia Beach mines... and hike Squamish Chief... and take a scamper around Stanley Park... and... hmmm... lots to think about!

And we sign off this post with Spooky... grabbing hold of the camera strap... at least she didn't wiggle too much during the photos!


  1. Glad the cards came. Thanks for a great trip. LF

    1. Oh, a trip to Winterpeg sounds fabulous, especially in Winter. I am assuming you also are traveling to Prince George BC, not traveling to see the young kid.

    2. Yup - PG the city... I decided not to go along for that trip. And turns out the Winterpeg trip has been cancelled. That's OK... I can play in the snow here!