Tuesday, November 15, 2016

More Mail!

I got more mail!!! Can you tell who it's from?? The fleur-d-lis in the corner should give you a hint. It's from Jerry & Ben!

Something mysterious though... while they had written Canada on one side of the envelope, with the address...

Somebody had put Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the customs declaration thingie! Hmmmm... no wonder it was a bit slower than normal.

Silly postal people!

Anyhow... it's an envelope stuffed with treats! stickers, candy, a badge and a couple of cool felt coasters in the shape of maple leafs... those are good. And some peppermints in a beary cool tin and... cute little polar bear gift tags? book marks?? hmmm...

Thanks guys!! And thanks for hosting the contest again!


  1. That Bun one is really awful, you won't like it at all. Me an Jelly recommend you send it over to us so we can dispose of it for you. *nods head*

    1. HEHEHE

      Those BUN candies, especially the maple kind, are hard to find. We go to a special super-huge-awesome-halloween-once-a-year candy store to find them.

    2. Not suprising about the stamp. We once sent a prize to Bob. T. Bear and the post office first sent it to Brazil...BRAZIL!

  2. Ummm... awful huh? I will have to check it out and see! Brazil??? Seriously??? Too bad we couldn't send parcels (and bears) via a transporter...