Tuesday, November 8, 2016

London - Day 8 - Tower & Tower Bridge

Our last day in London... sigh... and we started off by visiting this Emperor.

 Who led us to the Tower of London.

We had a poke around outside...

It's right on the bank of the River Thames and that's Tower Bridge in the background.

At last... we are in!

Cool - there are so many places to play hide and seek here... Jerry & Ben would love it.

That's Tower Bridge in the background again...

These are what the battlements would have looked like back in the olden days...

We managed to get in before the hordes of people descended. Normally this would all be super busy.

 That's the White Tower in the background.

With the Waterloo Barracks building here on the right. It houses the Crown Jewels. No photos allowed!

It was guarded by a couple of Scots Guards... with those bearskin hats... grr....

Now the hordes are coming... run for your lives!!!

This is a cute part of the Tower... with those buildings in the background. Except this is also the area where the beheadings took place back in the day.

Right... that was fun. What's next!?

Let's do Tower Bridge!!

It was undergoing renovations so the bridge was closed to vehicle traffic and we couldn't get in to see the Engine Room (which is a piece of beary cool Victorian engineering).

But we can still go up on the walkway...

You get a great view from up here...

Cause part of the floor is a glass floor... hehheh...

Not for weak stomachs... that's for sure!

And we're out again. Well that was fun.

 Yup, we were way up there...

And that's it. Fini. The end of our great London Tour. We hope you all enjoyed following along with us. Now it's back home... bye!


  1. Oh no no no no no no no no no I couldn't do that walkway!!

  2. We've been to the Tower! We could have a great hide and seek game there!

  3. great photos! and you are both beary brave for standing on that clear walkway!