Friday, November 4, 2016

London - Day 6 - Two Beanies

Good Morning! We are meeting up with Beanie and Jelly Beanie later this morning but... we thought we'd check out the Museum of Childhood. Just cause we're here!

Ooohhh... cool building! They have all sorts of toys here - all the way back to what Jerry and Ben would call the Middle Ages (hehehe).

Hmmm... we saw quite a few stuffies and were getting ready to break them out of their glass cases but they assured us that they were actually Secret Agent Museum Curators...

There were bears...

And foxes...

And even some dogs that looked like they could be related to Spunky.

 After the museum we stopped at Liverpool Station to pay our respects to Bob T. Bear's great great great grandbear... can't quite remember his name....

He's been immortalized here in bronze.

And then we met up with the Beanie Gang... whoa...

There we go... in order to have a video chat with...

Bob T. Bear himself!!!

There he is!!! Hi Bob and Dilly!!! It was a crazy call with all of us trying to talk at once and Bob introducing us to all his stuffie pals... whew. And the wifi kept kicking us off so the video kept freezing. Grrr... but it was great to see Bob and chat with him.

After that, we decided to catch a bus outside St. Pancras train station - it is a beautiful train station/hotel...

Beanie knows all the buses... and we're off!

Heh-heh... that's one of Beanie's cd creations tied on the back of the chair. I wonder if Jelly Beanie is as talented as Beanie Mouse?

We got off at Covent Garden... cool!

Whoa... Bob told us we had to check out the Moomins... What the heck is a moomin??

There we go... Moomins are all the rage in England right now...

They are cute white hippos and you can get anything and everything with a moomin on it... mugs, hats, tea towels, pens, bags, aprons, books, etc etc.

While we were at Covent Garden, Beanie took us into Laduree to have a spot of tea... and a nibble for lunch.

Little Fox and I decided to share a plate of salmon... well... we were told we had to share a plate of salmon. Sigh.

We then wandered over to the National Gallery... and passed this place...

It's the Maple Leaf Pub!!! Cool!

Ooohh... National Gallery... be beary beary quiet...

Admire the art by Van Gogh and Monet...

And then roll on the floor!

What a great time! We bid farewell to Beanie and the Gang. Was great to see them and have a proper stuffie gathering.


  1. Wow! What a jam-packed itinerary. A very successful Stuffie Tour all around! Nicely done.

    P.S. When you mentioned St. Pancras, my human at first thought you said St. PANCREAS (the patron saint of diabetes?). Silly human....

    1. I know... always have to watch myself when I pronounce it... otherwise the Brits look at you funny.

  2. Too bad there wasn't real jam in the jam packed itinerary. We need a Canadian pub in Oregon, I am going to get my staff working on that right now.

    1. Well... Beanie did have a scone with Jam on one of those days... apparently beary good too.

  3. You got to talk to Bob T. Bear! You are so lucky!