Wednesday, November 2, 2016

London - Day 5 - Beanie!!

It's us again! We are off this morning to the Tower of London to meet someone beary special.

Of course we had to stop at a Starbucks along the way...

But finally... after a bit of hunting in all the crowds... we found each other!! It's Beanie! And George the Dragon and Tango. Huzzah!

Surrounded by mice on all sides... Little Fox is seeing double.

Beanie brought both of us a couple of badge buttons to pin on... Thanks!

And we brought him some Canuck Beaver Droppings... just cause...

We were all famished so we ordered pizza. I voted for ham and pineapple..

While Little Fox tucked into a pepperoni...

Not much left at the end of it all. Beanie and Jelly Beanie shared a 4 Seasons pizza... it had mushrooms on it (ick).

After lunch we headed off to the Victoria and Albert across the street. Hmmm... photo bombed by two people.

That's it... beary fancy looking.

Get it? A Brief History of Underwear... hahahah....

And a fancy blown glass sculpture in the atrium. Beary fancy...

Afterwards, we had our picture taken with a demented VW van... we were lucky to escape with our lives.

Followed by a trip to Harrods! Shopping...

On a Saturday. We must be crazy... there were hordes of people... maybe that's why Beanie calls it Horrids?

But we did ogle the tins of Hot Chocolate.

Mmmm.... the gold tin is hot chocolate with orange flavour... wonder what that tastes like?

Shopping was exhausting... so we had to take a breather at the Royal Academy. Good thing Beanie was along - he knows all the cool places to eat in London.

We had a miniscule hot chocolate and a chocolate tart... beary yum. The hot chocolate was like... melted chocolate or something - very thick and creamy.

Beanie had a scone with clotted cream and preserves. It also looked seriously delicious.

And Otto made a beary shy appearance even there was no water around. Guess he wanted to meet Beanie!


  1. HURRAAAYYY!! But you didn't show us what you did at the Tower before we all met up....!

  2. Fun, fun, FUN!!! We are so jealous! Visiting London with Little Fox & Beanie and the gang! Thanks for sharing your photos!