Monday, October 31, 2016

London - Day 4 - British Museum

Hello! It's us - the Three Musketeers... or Three Mouseketeers or... Three Mousekebears... or something. Anyhow, we are at the British Museum today.

Along with a gazillion school kids. These ones were super cute in their little hats and red uniforms.

Right then... we're off. We found a lion right away, but we're all interested to see if there are any foxes, mice or bears here.

Hmmm... these are big cats... wonder where Jelly Beanie went?

And a fancy guy who lost his chin beard.

We looked at their writing... but all they have are lots of bird figures...

Some of which looked like chickens... which were of course of interest to Little Fox.

Oh hey... a pig! Sullivan would like that.

And lots of guys on horses.

This guy has his little chin beard... but no stuffie in his arms. Sigh.

A ram! No bears or foxes yet.

Oh wow... the Egyptians even mummified their cats.

Do you see what we see???

It's a West Coast Totem Pole... yay!

Right by the snack bar... in case we're feeling peckish.

Little Fox thought he found a few distant relations here... that dog looks kind of foxy, don't you think?

 But then... then we saw this statue!

Ooohhh... Almost a perfect match! Who knew Little Fox is a descendant of ancient Egyptian gods?

Well that was great fun! We caught up with Jelly Beanie as well. All those cat things were giving him the heebie-jeebies but... he had fun scampering around the snack bar checking out the sweets. Must run in the family.

On our way back... we saw this cool pub sign.

Of course we had to take some pictures...

Even though we didn't eat there.

Whew... another long day of sight-seeing. We are all pooped!


  1. Such a cool museum! Did you see any dead mummies walking around (today is halloween!)?

    1. Good question. Jerry and Ben do you have candy to pass out tonight?

    2. No dead mummies walking around... and good question on the candy Little Fox. Wonder how much is left? We had a grand total of 4 trick-or-treaters.

  2. You do realise you're giving Little Fox ideas about being related to Gods.....??!

    1. DRUNK Fox: Oh my, looking like a god will certainly go to Little Fox's head. Did you get a drink or two at the Fox and Anchor? Perhaps some fish and chips too?

    2. Well... Little Fox needs every bit of help he can get with his sekrebearies so this might help????