Sunday, October 9, 2016

Campbell River Salmon... Here I come!

Hullo!! This adventure is a few weeks old but I know it will be of interest to Ajdin! He had sent me a newspaper article a while back about how one can go snorkeling with the spawning salmon. Well... I am going to go and check it out.

We drove up the "slow" road highway, along the coast and it was beary scenic. Lots of little old coal-mining towns. This place is called Union Bay.

Too bad we don't have the kayaks along... it looks like a great place for paddling around.

We took a detour to Comox and... the military base there has some old aircraft sitting in a little museum area!

That looks like fun but we didn't have time... the salmon are calling you know!

Campbell River! And the 50th parallel...

One day I want to do this at the Equator in Quito, Ecuador. One foot in the North and one foot in the South.

Finally... we are here!

With lots of warning signs... oh well... we are just looking here.

Another warning sign!? OK... if I here a siren, run for the hills.

OK... salmon... here I am...

Hey... those fisher-people are a good sign. But where are the hordes of salmon?

I don't see any! Or rather... I just see dead ones. Sigh... I think we're too late for the fall run.

Oh well... let's go check out the dam that has all the warning signs.

 There's a cute little trail...

And some serious pipes... they are called penstocks. I guess they help regulate waterflow above the dam.

Almost there!

Here we are... and of course it started raining.

Oooh... this suspension bridge is kind of like the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver. But this one was only built in 2015.

Wow... nice waterfall!

And yes... I am a brave bear...

But it's seriously raining now...

And the floor of the bridge is see-through which means some people (who shall remain nameless) didn't go onto the bridge.

But we got an awesome view from up there.

Alright... enough of the rain... let's camp!

We found a nice site...

Put up the side awning...

Ate some candied salmon... mmmmmm

And watched the fire from under the awning. At least we're not soggy in a tent!


  1. I couldn't do that bridge with the see-through floor either. those are horrid bridges.....

  2. The bridge might be a bit scarey for us, but Jerry volunteers to help polish off the salmon!

    1. Jerry seems to volunteer a lot when it comes to food.

  3. glad you made it on the trip! too bad there was not more salmon.. next time :)