Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Couple of Beach Surprises

Good morning! My goodness but I slept well in the VW camper van... much better than in the back of the SUV. I think buying the VW was an excellent decision (stuffies do make good decisions you know!). This morning we are off to the beach...

Oooh... there sure is a lot of driftwood here.

Maybe I'l find something cool for the garden or... wait... what's that? Do you see it???

Right above my head! Do you see it?

It's a dinosaur from driftwood!

This is a better angle. That is SO cool! It's held together with screws... what a neat idea.

I am Alexander, Dragon Rider of Pern! Except my dragon has now wings... hmmm... I am Alexander, Dinosaur Rider of Earth!

It even has a tongue... and that is a cool piece of wood for the eye... I think it's a T-rex judging by the tiny front legs...

Way cool.

Alright then... that was definitely worth the trip.

Now... it's time to find another camping spot...

This looks good... Right on the beach.

Did someone bring the smores stuff?? No?? Hmmm.... where's my evaluation form.

Time to snuggle in for the night...

And... in the morning... I could hear something outside... it sounded like... like... singing...

Oooh... someone is serenading the rising sun. They're singing... "My Bonnie lies over the Ocean"... must be Scottish!

I'm going to go and find them...

Ohhh... I think it's coming from that little beach shelter...

I think I see them... I think... I... oooohhhhhhh...

Do you see him??? Do you???

OMG!!! It's... it's... a Mouse!! But not just any mouse... he looks exactly (EXACTLY) like Beanie!

Hi! My name is Sandy! Are you related to Beanie Mouse??? Are you??? You must be! It is so cool to meet you and... (right... I'll shut up and wait for answers... thanks Mama!)

"Hi! Yes, I know Beanie!!! He's my Long-Lost Cousin! Do you know Beanie??? Oh my goodness... I've been sitting here for so long, trying to make driftwood boats to get back to Mouse Island but... they never float. I'm not a boat builder I guess. The tsunami was so violent and I held onto some flotsam and jetsam for ages and I was soggy for so long. Do you know where I am?"
Well... yes... you're on the West Coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island...
"Oh my goodness... I wondered about that! I guess me singing 'My Beanies lie over the Ocean' should really be "My Beanies lie over the Ocean AND the Continent".
You're in luck! I'm going to London soon to see Beanie Mouse... do you want to come?
"Yes, yes and yes!!!!"
***Stay-tuned for more adventures where we reveal this Mouse's name... and the tearful reunion with Beanie***


  1. Wow!! That was an eventful trip. That dinosaur is way cool! I agree, perhaps it's the world's smallest T-Rex...or maybe a velociraptor?

    Can't wait to see what happens when Beanie meets his look-alike!


  3. Great adventure! How wonderful that you can reunite the lost cousins! We think there is going to be a big cheese party to celebrate!

  4. Drunk Fox here: Cool beach trip. I can't believe you found a distant cousin of Beanie's. Did you visit any cheese factories on the way home?

  5. Ah! Now I know where Jelly Beanie comes from! How exciting!!!

  6. What's all this about cheese? I like cheese on toast.

  7. Wow that is such a cool dinosaur sculpture - RAWR!