Monday, October 31, 2016

London - Day 4 - British Museum

Hello! It's us - the Three Musketeers... or Three Mouseketeers or... Three Mousekebears... or something. Anyhow, we are at the British Museum today.

Along with a gazillion school kids. These ones were super cute in their little hats and red uniforms.

Right then... we're off. We found a lion right away, but we're all interested to see if there are any foxes, mice or bears here.

Hmmm... these are big cats... wonder where Jelly Beanie went?

And a fancy guy who lost his chin beard.

We looked at their writing... but all they have are lots of bird figures...

Some of which looked like chickens... which were of course of interest to Little Fox.

Oh hey... a pig! Sullivan would like that.

And lots of guys on horses.

This guy has his little chin beard... but no stuffie in his arms. Sigh.

A ram! No bears or foxes yet.

Oh wow... the Egyptians even mummified their cats.

Do you see what we see???

It's a West Coast Totem Pole... yay!

Right by the snack bar... in case we're feeling peckish.

Little Fox thought he found a few distant relations here... that dog looks kind of foxy, don't you think?

 But then... then we saw this statue!

Ooohhh... Almost a perfect match! Who knew Little Fox is a descendant of ancient Egyptian gods?

Well that was great fun! We caught up with Jelly Beanie as well. All those cat things were giving him the heebie-jeebies but... he had fun scampering around the snack bar checking out the sweets. Must run in the family.

On our way back... we saw this cool pub sign.

Of course we had to take some pictures...

Even though we didn't eat there.

Whew... another long day of sight-seeing. We are all pooped!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

London - Day 3 - Scampering around London

Well... another day in London and we are ready for more adventures.

First up... the Churchill War Rooms. This was beary cool. We went underground into a huge bunker where Churchill set up camp during WWII.

But we think that if Stuffies had run the countries back then... war would definitely have been avoided.

After all if a mouse, a fox and a bear can hang out...

It was weird seeing a colour photo of those guys... they had colour back then?

This display talked about Canada's partnership with Churchill...

And this one talked about Roosevelt and Churchill...

Hahhah... "We are all worms. But I do believe that I am a glow-worm." Funny.

And this... this was the actual door that was on the Prime Minister's residence during the war. Ooohhh... so close to greatness.

After we got spit out of there, we took some pics of red phone booths...

no one really uses them anymore cause everyone has cell phones... or mobiles as they call them in the UK.

And Westminster Abbey! It used to be all black from coal dust many years ago...

But they've cleaned it up nicely. It cost an arm and a leg to go in there...

And since none of us were prepared to  give up arms or legs... we didn't go in.

But we did go for a double-decker bus ride!

Here comes Piccadilly Circus!

Ooohhh... ahhhh....

And then.. .weirdly... driving up Regent Street they had banners for the NFL and USA. Do Brits like the NFL? Or maybe there's a marketing push...

After the bus ride and a Tube ride... we came here... to 221B Baker Street, residence of Sherlock!

Oh boy...

There were no mysteries needing to be solved here... sad... so we headed off.

 A quick peek in to Paddington Station. They are doing renos so the big bronze bear is hiding somewhere. We were stuck with this smaller bear... he was beary polite though.

Finally, we ended up on the banks of the River Thames. Beanie Mouse had introduced me to Mudlarking last time... and given Little Fox's interest in archaeology... we decided to have a poke around.

You can find medieval stuff here... but only on the surface. You need a permit for digging or even for turning over rocks!

It didn't take us long and we had a few pieces pottery, old smoking tubes and a rusty hand-made nail.

Up above the river was the Globe Theatre. It's not the real one... but it looks beary cool.

And St. Paul's Cathedral... they don't let you take photos inside. Phooie!

Someone in our group wanted to visit Leadenhall Market where some of the Harry Potter movies were filmed. It was cool but basically an open-air bar... no shops to speak of.

Another bus...

And we ended up at the Citie of Yorke Pub. A beary old pub... with cool booths at the back.

 I'll have some fish and chips please...

And I see Little Fox has already received his bottle of Pale Ale...