Monday, September 5, 2016

Resurfacing after Many Exciting Adventures

Holy mackerel... I am behind on blog posts again, but this time not due to a lack of adventures but... an over abundance of adventures! (Is there such a thing??) This little bear is pooped but beary excited...

Let's start local... Last week I dragged Mama out for a bike ride to see the sunset along the Harbour! It was beautiful!

This is the oldest building here, the Bastion, it was built in (let me look that up) between 1853 and 1855. That's pretty old! (At least for over here...)

The water sure is calm in the morning...

I like it down here. There are NO people!

Hey! Do you see the name of that boat??

It's called the Sandy Point!! I think that boat should be mine (Mama just rolls her eyes).

 There are a whole fleet of tug boats here... some small and large. They were warming up their engines and sounded like a bunch of semi's (lorries for our UK pals).

There were some fishing boats in dock too... I wanted to go snooping around to see if there were a few stray salmon that they missed when they unloaded but Mama said that would be illegal. Hmph!

Ohhh... a sea otter!!

Beary beautiful!

And up at the Bastion again where... they have some cannons! They actually look like they might be usable cause the plug in the business-end is just screw in... not cemented in (let me just google that). "The Bastion is open 7 days a week from May long weekend through Labour Day. The cannon firing ceremony takes place daily at noon when the Bastion is open." Seriously??? That would be super cool!

And here we have the old court house... it was "only" built in 1895, so pretty young. The building in back is the new court house...

Across the street is an old building with this sign on it... maybe an old Texaco station??

It made for some cool pictures!!

Do you see?? There is an open door inside the building with a window in back that the sun is shining through AND the court house is reflected in the window! Coooll...

Beary neat...

And there is a super cool mural here as well...

Heh-heh... I like it down here!

 This used to be a big coal-mining town back in the day but most of them have all been blocked off and covered over. You can find signs around town though...

I thought Beanie might like this cable box!!

One day, I want to go into the Military Museum and see what's in there!


  1. Lovely morning pictures! How early did you have to get up to take those?

  2. Are you going to take a mine tour? Do you know what they mined for?

    1. No more mines open although the local museum has a recreated one that you can "go into". Coal was mined here back in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

  3. Cool pictures! did you have a snack?