Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Garden Update

Well... back home finally! Lots of adventures are good for this little bear but... I also like to be at home too! Sooo... here's a garden update.

The peas were done so we planted some more beans a while back, they are coming along nicely.

The basil is thriving... we have more pesto than we can shake a stick at. Sigh... Ben? Need basil??? Or have other basil recipes?

Kale is doing amazing!!! Hardly any aphids this year which is nice.

The beets are good too...

We tried a new system of pushing pvc pipes into the ground (with holes down below) and watering that way - trying to get water to the roots...

The beets have done well!

And our squash are all coming along nicely...

The prune plum tree is loaded!!!

More plum chutney coming up...

Greenhouse tomatoes are still going strong although the cherry tomatoes are getting tired.

Our one big bell pepper is starting to turn colour!!

More basil... although strangely enough, the ones outside in big pots do the best!

A few cucumbers left as well...

Green onions and leeks are still in the ground. The regular onions are drying/curing.

And finally... the potatoes... the greens have been dying off for the last few weeks and so today...

Today, I am a potato farmer!!

I let my crew dig away the dirt and then I point out the potatoes...

There they are!

These are German Butter Potatoes, Sieglinde variety... beary beary nice.

That's the strip we've dug so far...

And here they are!! Yummmers... we gave some to the neighbour and Mama's partner is taking some in to work too.

They were super good... no blemishes or bugs... with a very nice texture and great potato taste!


  1. Are you going to set up a farm stand Sandy?

    1. Welll... there was talk of that... but it never materialized. We just hand produce over the fence to our various neighbours.

  2. WOW, looks great! Ben loves the photos of your basil....he likes to make BEARchetta with basil.

    1. Bearschetta is beary yummy and we made pesto (and froze it) and we had so many caprese salads!! Mmmm... fresh sun-warmed tomatoes and basil... soooo good!

  3. Wowza! That's quite the harvest. Nicely done Sandy.

    1. Thanks Droopy! It was quite a bit of work supervising those humans but... a bear's gotta do what a bear's gotta do!