Saturday, May 14, 2016

Grand Adventure - Day 5

Hullo again! Sandy Bear here... with my good pals, Jerry and Ben. We are back in Vancouver and no longer on strike... As you can see... Jerry is beary happy to be sitting around a campfire (propane in this case) and roasting a marshmallow! Perhaps s'mores are in his near future??

More photos to come... and the results of our Winnipeg trip (beary frowny and unhappy bears).

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Yay!!! We are back in Vancouver and wanted to give you a tour of Auntie's garden...

First up... their brand new greenhouse!!

Oooohhh... ahhhh... just waiting for some plants. "Me thinks they should plant herbs," mused Ben, "because those are great for cooking." "And, of course some flowers," Jerry interjected, "to attract bees!" I, of course, thought vegetables would be good!

They have a few plants here... tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers (good).

Their flower garden is quite well-established. "Bear good," said Jerry, "Those alium are great bee attractors!"

There's also an outside bed... which is covered with mesh to keep out the "vermin". (Did you know Vancouver has an urban population of raccoons, skunks and coyotes?)

"Hmmm..." said Jerry, "I don't see much in here, yet... just some broccoli plants."

"There's a marigold over here," was Ben's comment.

I didn't see much either except...

I think I see a seedling coming up! Or a weed... Apparently they have planted kale, lettuce and carrots. Mama told Auntie the kale and broccoli might need to get transplanted as they get pretty big!

Finally... "here's some oregano" exulted Ben!! They also have lemon grass, parsley, chives, sage and some thyme... "That's a beary good herb starter garden" said Ben with approval.

There are also some lavender plants... which aren't really used in cooking (are they?) but do smell nice... "Yes," said Ben, "they make your clothes smell nice and fresh if you put a lavender sachet in your dresser drawer."

Jerry discovered a rose bush with beary pretty flowers and even a few bees!

But then... it was time to hit the hammock!!

Ooofff... this is hard for little bears...

Jerry did a somersault into the hammock and... eventually...

We all fit! "Waiter, I'll have a tall iced honey mead, please."

It didn't take much to coax us out of the hammock with the promise of smores though!

Jerry got First Stick... apparently there were limited sticks available and we had to share with the humans (can you imagine?).

Not too close... not too far away...

 We had fun roasting the marshmallows but... can you believe... there were NO graham crackers in the house... or any chocolate! So no s'mores for us... sigh... There was some muttered discussion about going on strike but Mama caught our eye and said it wouldn't be polite... Fine... but s'mores better be in our future soon! "Yeah," said Jerry "beary soon..."


  1. Unhappy bears?? Because of Winnipeg??? Uh-oh....

    1. Yup... Did you know Winnipeg's nickname is "Winterpeg"... with good reason!

    2. Cold weather in Winterpeg, even in May?

    3. Er... yes... +26C on Monday and then the mercury went waaaayyyy down.

  2. Papa: camp fire? marshmallows? Sounds like bear heaven!

  3. Replies
    1. Very short strike... little bears are very forgiving you know!

    2. Specially if there's chocolate or honey involved!!

  4. Papa: Jerry must have ben in heaven visiting your greenhouse and covered planting beds! They may appear on his Christmas list to Santa...

    1. Oh... you have no idea of the things Jerry is adding to his Christmas list!