Monday, May 9, 2016

Grand Adventure - Day 2

Hullo... can you guess where we are today?? Well... it's not hard to figure out... we're on the beach!

In Vancouver... except the weather took a turn for the worse overnight sooo... it is beary cool and blustery.

Good thing there is a Starbucks nearby where we can all warm up!

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Hullo! We are in Vancouver and it is beary early... like 6 am early. Ugh... Mama says we are going to go and take pictures of the sunrise.

Jerry spotted a few flowers along the way - these are a type of bleeding heart.

And some beary pretty roses...

But Mama said we couldn't stop to smell the roses otherwise we might miss the sunrise! Let's hustle...

Ooohhh... the bubble drain cover!

Beanie will like this! Hi Beanie!

Vancouver is beary quiet at this time of the morning... where is everyone?

Heh-heh... this is fun... we can run around without getting accosted by dogs!

"Seriously," said Ben, "where is everyone?? Are you sure zombies haven't come and carried everyone away?"

Ooohh... dogwood tree!

"The dogwood is the provincial flower of BC" said Jerry, "it's beary pretty!"

It is pretty... but this one looks a bit more ornamental... most dogwood flower petals aren't quite so pointy.

"Hey," said Ben, "Sandy's missing his pin!" Whoops!

Whew!! Here it is... That would have been disastrous.

Speaking of disastrous... it was beary windy last night and clearly a bit dangerous.

We'll just tip toe our way around that...

Made it! We're at the park near the beach and... it's almost time for the sunrise!

Ummm... it looks a bit cloudy... beary cloudy in fact out to the east... no sunrise for us.

But that's OK... we can have some photo ops instead.

And climb some cool old trees. Last one up has a baggy bum!

Well... I guess that would be Jerry... Jerry, what are you doing??

"There's a hole in the tree here... might be some bees, you know!"

Alas... no bees... but we did have some fun... "Yes we did," giggled Ben, "lots of fun!"

And finally... the ocean! But it was not a calm ocean... still beary wavy from last night with lots of flotsam and jetsam washed up.

"Ooohh... Aaaahhh... look at the waves coming onto the sand! Closer and closer..."

Ack!! Everybody run!!!!

Whew... clearly this is not a day for a walk by the calm shoreline.

Even photo ops are comical... little bears getting blown over by the wind.

That's better! We sure do look cute...

Oh hey... a boat got washed up!

Attached to a crab trap... "Too bad there aren't any crabs in there," said Ben, "I could have made crab cakes."

"Speaking of cakes," said Jerry... aren't there any Starbucks nearby?

 "I can smell one," said Ben... "let's go!"

 Well... this looks interesting... a bunch of chairs sitting out along the edge of the beach...

They have words stenciled through them... "Nothing at all. Nothing complicated. Everything"... "That's weird," said Jerry... "Beanie could probably explain this... he's artsy!"

"oooohh... this one's in French" said Ben.... "but it doesn't make much sense either. 'Geography wear size nature? Huh?"

Hmmm.... I don't know that they're supposed to make sense!

But the most important thing is... they aren't Starbucks chairs. Let's go guys!

Oooh... there it is!!! But... believe it or not... it wasn't open yet? Sigh...

Neither was the ice cream shop that Jerry spotted... It has a bear in the window!

But after hiking uphill... we did eventually find a Starbucks that was open... whew... what a morning!


  1. Papa: I am guessing that any humans in the house are not getting much sleep--three bears and the ocean and Starbuck's drinks...that makes for a whole night of chatting, giggling, and telling stories.

    1. I don't know about the humans but... the little bears are having a grand old time!

  2. That's a big Starbucks hot chocolate (or coffee) for such little bears. Jerry, I like the Canadian pin you have.

    1. Papa is guessing that is the human-size drink that bears get to pose next to...that's why they look so stunned to have a giant drink sitting next to them, they're thinking "this is for US???"

    2. Are you sure they didn't get one each?

    3. Definitely hot chocolate... Mama said it was cheaper to order one big one than three smaller ones... we got small espresso mugs afterwards to split it!

  3. Wow, you three must have been up early if Starbucks wasn't open yet. I like the bear in the window of the ice cream shop - he sure looks happy.

    Are you taking J and B to Timmy's?

    1. Timmy's? Hm, we are intrigued...

    2. Oh yes... maybe only the drive-through... but for sure they will get a honey-dip donut!

  4. I think those chairs are Special Nonsense Chairs and are Installation Art.

    1. Oh! See!! I knew you'd know the answer to this!

  5. Papa: it's clear that three musketeers are having a beary good time for sure!! fact the seKretaries are a little jealous!

    1. Dear Papa - we are having a GREAT time!! (Except Winnipeg) And we still have more adventures coming. We hope we can see and do everything...

  6. You are going to set a record for most photos in a blog post.

    1. We know... but having three bears arguing over which photos to include is driving the sekrebeary nuts...