Sunday, May 8, 2016

Grand Adventure - Day 1

Hullo... Sandy Bear here! I am wresting control of my blog back from Mama. She got a bit too comfy writing my posts while I was away visiting Ajdin and then Jerry and Ben. Thanks Mama but... now it's my turn!

Having said that... err... well... um... we are having technical difficulties. Mama's camera has a Sony Memory Stick and while her old laptop could accept that... the new one can't! And... she didn't bring her usb camera cable (who uses those anyhow??) Sigh... good sekrebearies are hard to find.

Sooo... we are going to pull a page out of Beanie's book and post teaser photos for the next few days... Full posts coming in a while!

This Grand Adventure involves a ferry ride!

Jerry said that "Ferries are fun! Their big engines make such a rumble it tickled my tummy!"
Ben wanted to know "Why aren't their more bilingual signs on the ferry?" Good question... we are beary far away from Quebec is the short answer!

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The start of our Grand Adventure. We are all beary excited (Jerry: "Beary beary super-duper excited!!)... yes... to be going to Vancouver today! It's a glorious sunny day - perfect for a ferry ride.

Jerry and Ben like the ocean (Ben: A lot!!).

Oh... and before I forget... do you see my new pin? That's my souvenir from the Cherry Blossom festival down in DC. That was so much fun with Ajdin!

Here comes the ferry!

Ben said "It sure is big! That's a lot of room for little bears to play hide and seek!"

It takes a while for the ferry to dock and unload so we had a look-see outside.

"There's sure a lot of seaweed down there," said Jerry, "I wonder if bees like seaweed?"

"I don't think so," said Ben, "but seaweed makes great sushi!"

Oooohhh... there are some little jellyfish floating around in there... don't think they make good sushi though.

It was a beary crowded waiting room but... finally... we are on the ferry!

"Maybe we'll see some whales... that would be beary cool!"

Or maybe just some seagulls...

It was a beary nice ferry ride and the three of us ran around giggling madly while Mama saved our seats on one of the lifejacket lockers out on deck. We even saw a stuffed lamb go by!

A beary, beary crowded bus ride later... and a short walk and... we're visiting Rose and her family!! She was super excited to see all of us!

But especially... Ben! Rose is taking French immersion and the two of them jabbered away in French for what seemed like hours.

And... Jerry and Ben got to meet Otto!

It turned out that Otto was beary busy this week and we didn't get to see much of him. Apparently there was a salmon cannery that needed an official taster and he got the job. (Darn!).

And here's Daisy!! What a full day... more later!


  1. Great weather. Are you taking Jerry, Ben, and Sylvester on a back alley deal for some fresh fish? You know Copper River Salmon are coming back into season...

    1. Heh-heh... stay tuned. Sylvester couldn't come, sadly. He's under the gun for an editorial deadline from one of his other articles. Not sure if any salmon are in our future... but Starbucks sure is!

  2. Jerry & Ben's SeKretaries: looks like everyone is having fun!!!

    1. ***Jerry & Ben*** - Hi!! We are having so much fun!! We went to the ocean and got blown along the beach and got to go to Starbucks AND... we are going to meet Rose today!

    2. ROSE! Ben must be beary happy. Hopefully his French is good. Otto and Daisy too? What lucky bears!

    3. Il faut demander à Rose les cours qu'elle suit cette année et lequel des ses institutrices elle aime le mieux.

  3. Aha!!! Teaser photos!!!! Aren't they great!!!