Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stinky Ocean Adventure

As many of you know, I've been visiting Ajdin these last few weeks for the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC. Mama has been keeping my blog going with pre-posted adventures from earlier in February and March. But this is the last one we have on the books... I better get home soon!

A few weeks ago... we went for a hike down by the ocean! I found a little door in a tree that said "Give a Little" "Take a Little". What a nice thought. I wonder if there is honey in there. I could give a little pine cone and take a little (or a lot) of honey.

Errr... what??? There are toys in here! They all clamoured at me asking if I was going to be a "trade-in"...

Not on your life! Let's get out of here.

It's nice down by the water at this time of year. The Fawn Lilies are out.

They are sure pretty when the sun shines through them.

Whoa... those are a lot of seabirds! Like flotillas and flocks and squadrons of them. Maybe there is a seabird conference going on? Or flight school?

Hmmm... must be flight school. It is beary windy and they are just hanging in the breeze...

And this Canada Goose is justs standing in the surf along a spit that is emerging from the falling tide. All the birds are pecking at things in the water, but we can't see anything.

Until we had a closer look at the beach. But not too close a look... it was stinky down here!

Do you see all those little yellowish globules?

They are coating the see weed and floating sticks...

Like this!

There are hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of these globules! And they are stinky... turns out they are herring roe! Apparently the First Nations people up here used to eat them - sort of like West Coast Caviar.

That also explains all the fishing boats... they are harvesting the herring.

Oooh... pretty flower!

We went to another beach... and... hmmm... I wonder what that guy is doing?

Oooh... he's a windsurfer!! What a perfect day for it.

There he goes! And fast too...

There's another one.

And a few people are flying kites. It sure is busy at the beach today.

And a beary brave kayaker fighting the waves!

Ooohhh, a dragon!!! Dilly... it's a flying dwagon!!

Out there, hard to see... is a group of seals... probably eating herring.

Well, that was an exciting day at the beach!


  1. We miss the ocean! You are so lucky to live near it. That kite was amazing too!

    1. It is beary beautiful, although windy sometimes. The kites were pretty neat although the dragon one seems to have been a marine species as it kept going into the water and swimming to shore before getting airborne again. Strange dwagon - Dilly could probably explain.

  2. The picture of the wind surfer and the mountains in the background is great. It seems like it should be on a brochure for the province.

    1. It does look pretty cool. That's the first time we've seen windsurfers there though... I think we need to go more often.

  3. a toy "trade-in"? yikes! glad you made a run for it out of there!

    1. No kidding! Although... next time I could bring one of the many, many toys we've dug up in our back yard and trade one of those in!

  4. Have you ever been windsurfing Sandy?

    1. Mmmm... no. By balance is not that great at the best of times and to me... wind surfing just looks like an interesting way to take a bath!