Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rainy Afternoon

Hullo! Today we are going to have some fun on the beach! Otto found a ball...

We have a net...

And it's time for a friendly game of volleyball!

Otto served and... the ball nicked the net... would it make it across?

Nope... it got hung up...

My serve...

|Are you ready Otto?

The ball made it over the net and Otto is sending it back!

But I managed a nice block... and back and forth it went until...

The rain came! Sigh...

But that's OK... we got to have a drink and bundle up...

So we could lay scrabble... Otto's letters aren't bear good...

Nor are mine for that matter... three A's? Really??

After several drinks, we were all beary cheerful... even Rose who was limited to strawberry daiquiris (without alcohol of course!).

Finally.... we finished the game of scrabble and had some fun... Little Bear and Otto at the Beach!

Otto and I had a brainstorm and we both approached our respective humans and after much gazing from stuffie eyes we won out!

Otto got to come over to our room for a sleep-over! Cool!!


  1. Daniel Coty lockardApril 13, 2016 at 5:01 PM

    Hey Otto, you can make "carbite" as a word meaning: An oily dusty fossil fuel that can be refined into an excellent explosive. It can also be consumed as a fair fuel source for generators.
    To be fair, Bearista bear, you can make "saunas" which could be used on carbite "A"
    Also, could be "sea" used at the end of carbite and " sand" using the carbite.

  2. Great volleyball match! Too bad it was rained out...looks like it was a good game.

    1. It was a good game but we weren't keeping score. We thought the humans were doing that. Silly us!

  3. I love Otto's facial expression while you are drinking the frosty beverage. He looks kind-of sad (probably he has has to wait patiently for his turn to imbibe).

    Was that a special brand of Scrabble, on my game we don't have the "CH" tile

  4. Otto had his own drink but it came later than mine. It was a Spanish version of Scrabble! They had the CH and then LL and I think RR... with an ñ thrown in for good measure.