Friday, April 15, 2016

Last few Days in Mexico

Well... today is a sad day... Rose and her family are leaving... and Otto too! Oh well... Rose had made a pinata during her time there and while I tried to convince her to leave it behind for me... that didn't work. Shucks!

I said goodbye to Rose and Otto... they both look kind of dejected to be leaving.

The next day dawned a bit cloudy...

And windy! Holy moly!!

Oooohhh... our sandcastle looks a bit the worse for wear... the sea was rough and put a bunch of seaweed in the moat...

And the towers are blowing away...

Another castle we made is in even worse shape... sigh... nothing stays the same on the beach!

Other than the wind though, it was still pretty nice!

But this little bear is tired of the wind!

So I moved camp to a bed lounger... a bit more sheltered... and nice for a nap!

The next few days were still windy and wavy...

So windy that I kept getting blown over!

I asked a Mayan towel god to intercede but...

It didn't do much good... so we went for a few hikes along the beach...

Errr... I better not fall right now!

Climbing palm trees is not as easy as it looks!

Well... another few days and... the sand castle is pretty much blown away...

Just a last bastion... sigh.

My last night in Mexico... it was great fun... but I miss Otto!

Time for one last drink...

And we're off! Luckily Mama remembered to pack me a snack...

A nice honey-nut Ritter Sport! Perfect... Adios Mexico!


  1. It looks like it was a fun trip. Hopefully Otto and crew can visit you and you can explore around your home. Did you ever make it to Starbucks in Mexico? I bet you Otto (and Rose) would have loved that.

  2. What a wonderful trip! We love Mexico too!

  3. @Little Fox - That's a good idea - I hope to see Otto some time in the next few months. We did see a Starbucks at the airport but those really lack ambiance.

    @Jerry & Ben - It was a great trip! I hope you guys get to go on a trip soon.

  4. Glad you didn't blow away! Great photos.