Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bored Bear

Hullo... back home again (February still) and it's... it's... raining. Sigh...

Rain is good for the garden of course... but not so good for little bears who get bored when they are cooped up inside too long.

Nobody wants to play today either. Rascal is napping...

Spoooookkkkyyyy??? Hellooooo?? Do you want to play?

Nope.... Spooky is tucked in her hidey-hole box and doesn't want to come out.

Maybe I'll have a snack.... except... the fridge looks pretty darn empty.

Wait a minute....

There is a big bag of cat food out on the dining room table. The fridge is empty... the house has been cleaned... hmmm...

Sherlock Sandy thinks something is afoot!

And... I found this on the calendar!!! "Leave for..."? Washington DC? Winnipeg again?


  1. That is a sad-looking fridge. Where's the salmon?

  2. Daniel Coty lockardApril 5, 2016 at 10:12 PM

    May I guess? Leave for spring celebrations? Spring cleaning, dying for eggs, except I am on a diet for until leaves fall again. Does this make me clover? spellcheck! I guess my leaves four,
    P.s. I like your boots Sherlock Sandy bear!

  3. That is a sad looking fridge, where is the honey? The salmon? The chicken? The bacon? The pastries?

    Maybe you are leaving for another trip to a town that starts with a "w". Let's see:
    Winnemucca Nv
    Warsaw Poland
    Windsor, ON
    West Covina, CA
    Wolf Creek, OR

  4. @Jerry & Ben - it is a mystery!
    @Ajdin - I think the salmon is smoked and in the freezer...
    @Daniel - good guesses!
    @Little Fox - I think someone has eaten it all (no idea who of course!). I think I need to pack again... sigh.