Thursday, March 31, 2016

DC Tour - Part 2

Hullo!! Here's the last part of the DC tour. Or course, we went and saw the Lincoln Memorial (along with a few hundred people).

But Ajdin did manage to find us a patch of unoccupied stairs. You'd think we were the only ones there. For sure, we were the only stuffies!

Oooohhhh... Lincoln!!!!

Ajdin did a good job of keeping us from climbing up the monument... he's a beary responsible tour guide you know!

It takes a lot for a tour guide to keep track of his group... especially in a crowded place like this.

That's the Washington Monument over in the distance.

And the Reflecting Pool... did you know it's only about 18 inches deep (30 inches in the centre)? That's plenty deep enough to drown most stuffies!

Ahhh... it's so nice and sunny out!

Aren't we a handsome bunch??

Alright... now for the piece de resistance (that's French for... well... for... the most important stop). Wait for it...

The Cherry Blossoms!!! Oooohhh...

I must say... Ajdin does strike a beary good pose. I think he could be a Playbear... minus the t-shirt of course...

The blossoms are sooo beautiful.

Such a delicate shade of pink...

I like them!

After a bit of a hike, a rather tired Ajdin led us to the Washington Monument!

The monument is an obelisk... It was built to commemorate George Washington (duh... that's why it's called the Washington Monument!). It's built of marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss (nice!). Apparently it's the world's tallest stone structure and the world's tallest obelisk - 554 feet 7 11⁄32 inches tall. Wow... down to the 1/32 of an inch. I wonder if any other stone structure comes that close? You can actually go inside and climb up to the top (or take an elevator)... but we didn't do that. I always thought the monument was from Egypt... like the Cleopatra's Needles that are in London, Paris and New York... but no. The Washington Monument was built on site... over many years! cool!

Wow... after all that walking and hiking and sight seeing we were a ravenous bunch. Luckily Ajdin knew that stuffies get beary hungry, so we stopped here...

And had some hot dogs!! Beary creative decorating. I have to say... I'm pretty sure the hot dogs were not made from dog (just to reassure Droopy, Spunky and Patches) nor from pork (just to reassure Sullivan McPig)! Good thing we don't know any chicken or cow stuffies otherwise we'd be stuck eating veggie burgers!

Heh-heh... we had a great lunch break!

And to wrap it all up... we saw the President of the United States! Well... at least the White House... from a distance. If you zoom in... and look beary closely, I'm pretty sure you can see the President peering out of one of those windows and waving at our Stuffie Tour!

Heh-heh... well a stuffie can dream, you know! Thanks Ajdin - this was an awesome tour!!


  1. Love your new banner photo. Glad the hot dog didn't actually contain dog! :)

    1. Thanks guys! It is a good one, isn't it? And the hot dog was yummy!

  2. Looks like you had great time. The cherry blossoms looked beautiful! Pretty sure Pres. O. was either playing golf or traveling on Air Force One. So glad you enjoyed your visit to the States.

  3. you should be a tour guide Sandy!