Friday, March 25, 2016

A Narnian-Like Adventure

Breaking News Flash
Ajdin reports that the Cherry Blossoms are soon bursting sooo... these pre-recorded episodes from February will be interrupted soon. In the meantime... another adventure for Sandy Bear!


Bored bears are never a good thing... and old photo albums only go so far... So I thought I'd do some exploring. I found this wardrobe and took a look inside. It was beary dark but... I sensed adventure lurked within.

Oooff... all these coats and sweaters... Maybe I should hide on Mama... I burrowed deeper into the wardrobe... deeper and deeper... until....

Eh??? What?? I'm in a snowy wonderland with a lamp post in the middle of nowhere! This reminds me of... Narnia!

See the similarities?? It's eerie....

I walked and I walked and I walked... through the snowy wilderness.

Finally, I found a bit of wire fence to lean against. I wonder where we are?

Ooohhh... there's a big old stone castle here. I'm not up on my Narnian story-lines but maybe the Wicked Witch of Eternal Winter lives here? I wonder why she's called Wicked?? I kind of like winter and the idea of having snow!!! Maybe not all year of course but... snow is fun! More later!


  1. If you see a guy who has the legs of a goat, and he's walking around with some packages under his arm, and a red scarf around his knew, you probably are in Narnia!

    1. Oooh... I'll keep my eyes peeled! Was that in Narnia? I just remember a big pussy cat named Aslan.

    2. It would probably have been an even better story had it started a bear...

  2. Did someone offer you any Tuna Delight, y'know instead of Turkish Delight?

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