Friday, March 18, 2016

A Hike

I dragged Mama out for a hike while we were visiting Gramma. I want to find some snow! The trailhead was a lot of mud and icy patches but...

It wasn't long before I found some snow... oh boy...

This patch is a bit better but... still...

A little bear can only dream of snowy vistas without the brown mud everywhere!

Nice views though... and the sun was out which was better than rain.

Although, at one point, even Mama was grumbling that her snow boats were getting all muddy. We are dressed for the wrong climate!

Oh... hello... just practicing my rock climbing skills...

This is tricky you know but...

I managed to get down on my own. Beary accomplished rock climber I am.

Oooh... nice views. I wish we could hike up that mountain in the background but... Mama says we don't have a set of wheels so we can't get there from here. Oh well...

Maybe we can go down to the island and check out the carved faces in the trees...

But right now... I am going to soak up some sun.

 And watch the clouds go by and count needles on the pine tree.

As Ajdin would say... Life is Beary Good!


  1. That hike was walk-a-ble from Gramma's house? She's pretty lucky.

    I am impressed with your rock climbing ability - no rope, no helmet, no special gear; very impressive.

  2. @Hammie - Thanks! It was lovely to be out in the woods.
    @LittleFox - yup, Gramma usually ends up living a short walk from forests. not sure how she manages that! My winter hat doubles as a helmet... Although, you should see the blooper reel of that expedition!

  3. What a great hike! We love hiking too.

    Now, we do trust that they was also a nice picnic basket packet with cookies and a thermos of hot chocolate!

  4. Wow! You are beary strong to climb like that. Have you been working out? Lifting heavy jars of honey?