Thursday, January 14, 2016

Great Wardrobe Census

Hullo again... yep, we are going to tally the rest of my wardrobe. I thought, for sure, that I had under 33 items but... given that the running total from last time stands at 38, I think I have lost that bet.

As for bets... Here are the bets...

Dilly - 2
Little Fox - 45 items (original bet)
Droopy - 50
Bob T. Bear - 55
Little Fox - 64
Ajdin - 66 (original bet)
Jerry & Ben - 67.45 (original bet)
Drunk Fox - 100
Ajdin - 101
Ben - 102
Jerry - 4 meelleeon (4,000,000)

Right-o... all last minute betting is now cut off and... let's get going!

Oh boy... so... in the interests of efficiency and to prevent a little bear from collapsing in exhaustion, I'm not going to try on all these outfits. We'd be here for ever and a day... so I'm just going to group them....

First up... Tops!!


Tops - 18
Mittens - 1 pair
Belt - 1 (with the housecoat)
Pins - 2
Badges 2

Total - 24 items (eeks)

Next up... bottoms... much easier

Total - 4!

Miscellaneous and Sundry...

Hats - 7
Bandanas - 2
Slippers - 1 pair
Scarf - 1
Bags - 2

Total - 13 items

Oh... and Mama found this hiding in the back of my cupboard... sigh...

Another 3 items for... let's see...

a total of  44 items I think - this round...

Oh... wait...

Mama says I forgot a couple of things?


Ohhhh!!!! But of course... the item that I am wearing right now... heh-heh...

three more items to add to the list so that makes

Total - 47 items this round

First Round - 38 items
Second Round - 47 items
Grand Total - 85 items!!

So let's see.... oh this is getting confusing...

Jerry and Ben said 67.45 - so that is under by 17.55 items - but that was their initial bid, which they changed... or does it still stand?
Ajdin said 66 - so he is under by 19 items - but that was also an initial bid, later revised to 101. So does it still stand? Which leads to...
Little Fox, who said 64 - so he is under by 21 items
Drunk Fox said 100 - so he is over by 15 items

Which means... (drum roll please!)

Drunk Fox is the winner!!! Hoorah!!!

Three cheers for Drunk Fox and a tot of Bailey's Irish Cream in all of our hot chocolates! Unless Drunk Fox is no longer drunk, but rather, sober, in which case... Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate for everyone!


  1. Congrats to Drunk Fox! Jerry still suggests that the number is much closer to 4 meellon (but he is counting cookie wrappers, empty Starbucks cups, and empty honey jars).

    1. Oh well... yes... don't mind those... there are wayyyy too many of those to count!

  2. Congrats Drunk Fox!

    So that you've inventoried are you going to pare things down?

    1. I don't know!!!! (little bear wails and buries his head in his paws)... **** inconsolable sobs reverberate through the blogosphere****

    2. If pairing things down was a New Years resolution just stall a few more months everyone will forget about it :)

  3. Drunk Fox is very excited about winning the census, especially since he didn't win the 1.5 Billion PowerBall. Now that Drunk Fox has been sober for a couple of years he wants to make sure everyone knows he is having a non alcoholic beverage to celebrate. I (Little Fox) am writing the response for Drunk Fox (he's not allowed on the internet) will be having some irish cream in my hot chocolate to celebrate his win.

    -Little Fox