Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas Lights Tour

Hullo!! Someone was here for a visit a few days ago... and we decided to take her on a tour of the local Christmas lights!

House #1 - this was our favourite for the first few minutes... beary tastefully decorated.

House #2 - Wow!!! They even have a rocket ship above the roof with the grinch inside!

House #3 - This one was over the top... it was my favourite because they had inflatable bears there! It was also Rose's favourite. Clearly we both have good taste.

House #4 - This one was beary nice... the lights on the bushes blinked on and off. Quite tasteful.

House #5 - This one was Mama's favourite. Not too garish... and nice light colours.

House #6 - Ummm... this one was seriously over the top. They had reindeers, nativity displays, elves and santas...

House #7 - This one was a contender. It has a sign that says Joyeux Noel (which we thought Ben would like)... and a big red arrow pointing at the chimney to help santa navigate.

House #8 - This one was the favourite of mama's partner. Beary tastefully done and they even had a few inflatables...

House #9 - a beary large display with many inflatables... even one that was a santa in a snow globe. A bit over the top for all our tastes.

And that's it... it was a beary dark night but I managed to navigate us through the streets and back home (can you see the outline of my head?). Which was your favourite house?


  1. yeah nice lights! did you decorate your house also? happy new year!

  2. I am of the "less is more"style of thinking. Unless we are talking about cookies or adventures then I am of the "more is more" mindset.

  3. Nice lights! I like your Mama's choice as well. Very pastel and comforting.