Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sherlock Sandy examines the evidence in the Case of the Extorted Bear

Sherlock Sandy & The Case of the Extorted Bear
(Part 2)

Oh, hello there... Sherlock Sandy here...

I've just been examining some of the evidence in the case of Ben and his Cookie Extortionist.

 I'd like to draw your attention to the threatening note that Ben received...

Do you see? Not a single misspelling, that is beary unlike stuffies. And those letters from glossy magazines have been cut out beary neatly... far too neatly for a bear.

See... here is Ben's note... beary poor spelling... well, that is... if you're into that sort of thing but... this case is getting beary complex. I have a lot of questions.

I dusted the note for fingerprints... nothing. No water marks or honey stains either. Also, unlike a stuffie.

And I have to act quickly because Ben is in trouble!

Knowing Ben's household... suspicion naturally lands on Jerry first... but... given the characteristics of the note... I am considering that Jerry either had a human assistant or... someone is trying to frame Jerry... which means both of my pals are in trouble!

A question... Ben says the note was taped to the refrigerator... my questions is... at what location?? Was it up high, down low? This is beary important... It's always nice to collect evidence first-hand but... in this case we'll have to go with what we have...

I also have to say... no bear in their right mind would write "Hand over....". Bears don't have hands... we have paws... so if this really was Jerry... it would be "Paw over..."... don't you think??

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We Interrupt this Wardrobe Discussion for...

An Urgent Plea for Help!!

Hullo... I was just getting up this morning when Mama said some mail had come for me yesterday. Hmmm..

Ah, it's a card from Jerry & Ben! It has a Christmas stamp - maybe they are sending me another Christmas card? Maybe it's a late card?

But no... I noticed that the postmark was 19 January 2016... and it was addressed to Sandy "Sherlock" Bear. Hmmm... I wonder....

Then I saw the note on the back... just one little bear... with a note that said "Help!". My stuffing ran cold... one of my pals was in trouble!

This is serious business!!! And needs.... Sherlock Sandy!

Grumble... I am so glad this silly wardrobe thing let me keep my Sherlock outfit... now where is it?

Oh... er... hello... I guess this isn't going to work. Sherlock Sandy probably doesn't carry a teddy bear around with him, does he?

OK... Sherlock Sandy reporting for duty!

I carefully opened the envelope and pulled out two sheets of folded paper. No obvious signs of paw prints...

Oh dear... it's a note from Ben... dated Janyouairee 17... hmmm... two days before it was postmarked. Either his sekrebeary is slacking off again... still... or Ben had trouble mailing the letter!

The letter sans spelling mistakes says - "Dear Sherlock Sandy, I need your help. Me received this note from stranger. Note was taped on fridgerator this morning. It tells me to give all my cookies or else! Oh no! Me not sure what to do... Can you help me Sherlock Sandy? Me send more clues soon."

A threatening note??? Bears are normally quite immune to threats. I mean... really... what could scare a stuffy? But this....

Hand over your cookies or else! Beary suspicious. Beary beary suspicious!

What do you think blogger pals??

I examined the envelope for any telltale crumbs, but found nothing.

OK blogger pals... one of our own is a victim of extortion. Do you have any suspicions?? I noticed quite a few clues... did you see anything helpful? This is a beary serious can. Watson Ben needs our help!

Sherlock Sandy &
the Case of the Extorted Bear

Friday, January 22, 2016

Project 333 for a Little Bear

Do you think I can get by with 33 items of clothing?? I don't know!! Although... now that I look at it more closely... I think that it stands for 33 items for 3 months! I can do that!! Easy peasy... If it was 33 items for a whole year... well, that might be another thing. Mama says I should try 33 items for half a year and 33 items for the other half a year... I could try that... So, let's see...

Fall and Winter
3 Items - Soooo... obviously, a good sweater, pair of jeans and boots are a must.

4 Items - A spiffy outfit. You never know... I might get invited to a Starbucks opening or something.

4 Items - A serious winter outfit is a must. After all, I live in Canada. You never know when we might get a big dump of snow here!.

Let's see... what else...

11 Items - Well... I think all of these are a must (that includes pins and badges of course).

 Which brings us to.... 22 Items!!! Oooh... I have room for more...

2 Items - a Sherlock outfit naturally... (24)

2 Items - And a Halloween costume... (26)

4 Items - Every little bear needs a good lounging/pj outfit (30 items)

3 Items - I think I'll add another jacket and a scarf and a sweater! There we go.... 33 Items! Perfect.

Eh? What's that??? Mama's mumbling something about... what if we go somewhere warm in the winter? Am I going to go bear-bummed or.... wear one of my winter outfits or???

Uh-oh... you mean I need a hot weather outfit too??? But that's like 4 items!!!

 Help!!! Blogger pals... I need to cut 4 items from this collection... what do you think I should cut?? Mama doesn't think I can make it to 33 items... can we prove her wrong?

Monday, January 18, 2016


Hullo!!! I got some mail. Can you tell who it's from?

Here's a clue... it's from Ajdin!! He's training to be an astro-bearnaut.

Ajdin hosted an Ugly Holiday Sweater contest and I won third prize. A nice set of Winnie the Pooh stickers. Thanks Ajdin!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Great Wardrobe Census

Hullo again... yep, we are going to tally the rest of my wardrobe. I thought, for sure, that I had under 33 items but... given that the running total from last time stands at 38, I think I have lost that bet.

As for bets... Here are the bets...

Dilly - 2
Little Fox - 45 items (original bet)
Droopy - 50
Bob T. Bear - 55
Little Fox - 64
Ajdin - 66 (original bet)
Jerry & Ben - 67.45 (original bet)
Drunk Fox - 100
Ajdin - 101
Ben - 102
Jerry - 4 meelleeon (4,000,000)

Right-o... all last minute betting is now cut off and... let's get going!

Oh boy... so... in the interests of efficiency and to prevent a little bear from collapsing in exhaustion, I'm not going to try on all these outfits. We'd be here for ever and a day... so I'm just going to group them....

First up... Tops!!


Tops - 18
Mittens - 1 pair
Belt - 1 (with the housecoat)
Pins - 2
Badges 2

Total - 24 items (eeks)

Next up... bottoms... much easier

Total - 4!

Miscellaneous and Sundry...

Hats - 7
Bandanas - 2
Slippers - 1 pair
Scarf - 1
Bags - 2

Total - 13 items

Oh... and Mama found this hiding in the back of my cupboard... sigh...

Another 3 items for... let's see...

a total of  44 items I think - this round...

Oh... wait...

Mama says I forgot a couple of things?


Ohhhh!!!! But of course... the item that I am wearing right now... heh-heh...

three more items to add to the list so that makes

Total - 47 items this round

First Round - 38 items
Second Round - 47 items
Grand Total - 85 items!!

So let's see.... oh this is getting confusing...

Jerry and Ben said 67.45 - so that is under by 17.55 items - but that was their initial bid, which they changed... or does it still stand?
Ajdin said 66 - so he is under by 19 items - but that was also an initial bid, later revised to 101. So does it still stand? Which leads to...
Little Fox, who said 64 - so he is under by 21 items
Drunk Fox said 100 - so he is over by 15 items

Which means... (drum roll please!)

Drunk Fox is the winner!!! Hoorah!!!

Three cheers for Drunk Fox and a tot of Bailey's Irish Cream in all of our hot chocolates! Unless Drunk Fox is no longer drunk, but rather, sober, in which case... Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate for everyone!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Beginning the Great Wardrobe Census

Hullo! Today I am going to start counting my wardrobe items. I'm sure that it won't take long...

First up... my spiffy outfit. Let's see...

1 pair pants
1 shirt
1 vest
1 tie

Total - 4 items

Then we have my spring costume...

1 costume (it's all one piece...)

Total - 1 item (yay!!)

Another costume...

Also one piece, although I guess, technically the pumpkin bag counts as a separate item sigh...

1 costume
1 bag

Total - 2 items

Christmas outfit!!

1 pair pants
1 pair boots
1 tunic
1 belt
1 hat

Total - 5 items

And another Christmas outfit...

1 hat
1 robe

and... Mama checked...

1 pair pants
1 top

Total - 4 items

Beach Bum outfit!

1 pair shorts
1 t-shirt
1 hat
1 pin

Total - 4 items

(Grand total so far - 20 items - not bad, not bad)

My all purpose summer outfit

1 pair sandles
1 pair shorts
1 belt
1 t-shirt
1 hat
1 badge

Total - 6 items (wow... that's a lot!)

PJ outfit

1 hat
1 t-shirt
1 pj coverall
1 pair slippers

Is the bear clothing?? No... don't think so!

Total - 4 items 

Grand Total - 30 items... uh-oh...

Arctic Winter outfit

1 pair boots
1 pair snowpants
1 puffy jacket
1 hat

(and no... bears do not wear underwear!)

Total - 4 items

Grand Total - 34 items
Well, there goes my estimate out the window! I officially have more then 33 items. Sigh.

Winter Lounge Outfit

1 pair boots
1 pair fleece pants
1 top
1 hat

Total - 4 items

Grand Total - 38 items

Except... er... we're not done yet... Nope, not by a long shot... Oh dear... Oh dear...

Is everyone comfortable with their bets? Any last minute changes??