Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rain Day

Sigh.... deep tremulous little bear sigh...

Oh hullo... it is raining out there. It seems like it's been raining for a beary long time. And it's supposed to rain for the next six days. Maybe I should build a boat? Or dig out the kayak?

I got my rain gear on and told Mama I was going to go outside and dig out the kayak from under the deck.

As I was heading out, she reminded me that under the deck was a beary dirty place... with lots of mud....

Maybe I'll just stay inside for a while longer... I can always use a rubbermaid container as a boat!

Mama tried to cheer me up by telling me that while she was in Vancouver last weekend... I know... I didn't  get to go... she picked a little something up for me!

I had to turn around and close my eyes... and then... Ooooh!!!

Beary nice!!! A new outfit!!

I can stay toasty warm in this while I sit and watch the rain crawl down the window panes. Sigh...


  1. hey, I like your raincoat! and nice new outfit! it looks beary warm and cozy. perfect for staying indoors with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows and maybe some cookies

  2. Looking good, despite the rain! The rain outfit is bearly nice (especially worn over that beary attractive winter sweater)!!

  3. A rain outfit is a perfect addition to any stuffies wardrobe who lives in the Northwest.

    So, a trip to Vancouver and you didn't get to go along? Hmm, perhaps they were Christmas shopping for you.

  4. Did you get pummeled with rain the last few days. Ugh, it's been really wet here, 3 inches over the last 4 days. I think I might need to get some tupperware just in case the rain doesn't let up.

    1. Still getting pummeled. Multiple ferry cancellations and very high flow in the rivers and streams. Today we have high winds on top of it all. We really do have two seasons... Wet and Dry! We have extra rubbermaid containers... if you need some.