Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More Christmas Mail

Hullo!! I am happy to report that I got some more mail today!

This is a beary pretty card...

From the trio of adorables mutts out east! (I use mutts as a term of endearment of course!)

Thanks Droopy, Patches and Spunky!! I think the card is even home made - beary nice touch.

But as you can see... the humans got some card as well... so right now we are Stuffies 3 Humans 4.

I'm hoping for more cards in the mail soon!

And... later today... there was another packet in the mail!!

Hmmm... No card in this one... maybe I can put the envelope up instead because... this is definitely for me!!!

What is it?? Not telling... surprise coming...


  1. You have to put up the envelope. According to the Stuffy Constitution, article 3 subsection 19, paragraph 2 "If an envelope comes through the mail addressed or delivered to a stuffy it's required to go up and count toward the stuffy's overall holiday card count."