Tuesday, December 22, 2015

First Day of Winter

Hullo! Today is the First Day of Winter, so I thought I'd take out around and show you what winter looks like...

Winter is green here... the grass is growing and there are still some flowers. We don't really have winter, despite that little tiny skiff of snow the other day.

Winter also means beary high tides!! And beary low tides too. Today, we were at the beach at high tide which was 15 feet. A few days from now, the low tide will hit the 1 foot mark. We have pretty extreme tides here.

Which means... the little shacks over on Shack Island are...

Well... they look like they are dipping their toes in the water!

That one doesn't look too bad though.

I also saw a young eagle perched in a tree... he wouldn't look down at me... sigh.

Winter also means grey days... grey ocean, grey sky... grey clouds.

I went down to my favourite pebble beach and.... there wasn't much showing!

Whoops!!! The water wants to get me wet!!

Normally, that big old log in the water is way above high tide.

Hmmm... some cool seaweeds have washed up. I was watching a show on the Foot Network where they did cooking with seaweed. I dared Mama to try some but she wrinkled her nose and said "no". Scaredy cat!

Ooooh... That looks like a perfect place for bees to hibernate!!!

Hello... hello?? any bees???

Nope. No bees. Oh well... Sandy Bear signing off from the balmy West Coast.


  1. Too bad there weren't any bees or honey. Thanks for the holiday card, I'll do a post about it when I get back from vacation.

  2. I wonder if the young eagles mom told him to be wary of bears. Perhaps next time you visit you should bring some fish or a treat to share with the baby eagle, that ought to get your photo.

  3. We had a dusting of snow this morning when we woke up, but it's mostly melted now. We really do have to have a talk with the Mother Nature character. Christmas needs snow!

  4. wow that eagle looks huge! little bears should be careful it doesn't pick them up and fly away with them.

    no tupperware boating for you this time?

  5. the kristmist edishun of the teddy tedaloo times iz out! http://ht.ly/WiJmH