Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ajdin's Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

Hullo - as you know, Ajdin has an Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest and today is the deadline for entries sooo...

**** Begin Commentary

In this corner of the ring we have... (drum roll please)... Sandy the Desperate!!!!  Sandy's looking a bit overheated and pudgy under his robe but... let's see what he can show us...

Ohhh.... we have a garish red and bilious green arm emerging. Sandy looks pretty pumped!!!

Wow!!! That is quite the roll-necked sweater top we see. Wonder if Sandy can pull this off?

There we have it folks... he's gone with a green and red sweater - pretty traditional colours if we do say so... but what will the front reveal!!

Oh!!! Horrors!!! White pom poms surrounding a simple evergreen tree design. And the length of the sweater... we think Sandy could practically mop the floor with this entry! But is it really ugly?? Ugly enough to win the contest?? Only time will tell....

 ****end of commentary

OK... grunt... ooff... urgh!!! Get this thing off of me!! I'm melting in there!!

Oh.. .whew... that was rough. If "ugly" includes total discomfort, then this was a seriously ugly sweater! I think circulation to my paws is cut off... those sleeves were uber tight!


  1. We sympathize Sandy; some of those sweaters have beary tight arms. Ben thinks he heard Jerry utter "on no!" when he saw your sweater with pompoms on it, then yell "hide the cotton balls! hide the cotton balls!" probably so that one of the humans didn't get any funny ideas after seeing your photo.

  2. That was a pretty hideous sweater. I have to admit I didn't send a sweater picture in, just a photo of me and the gang.

  3. Wow, that was a great--I mean, really ugly--sweater! Unfortunately I missed the contest deadline. Good luck!!

  4. I didn't know you have a robe like that! I am late with the contest results but they will be up soon!