Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Apple Sauce!

Hullo! Sandy Bear here. A few weeks back we made apple sauce out of all the apples that we had received from friends. It was a LOT of apples.

There was a lot of peeling and coring... and then we ended up making 4 big stock pots full of apples. Each pot cooked down to mm-mmm-good apple sauce. Just some cinnamon added.

In the past, we've put the apple/pear sauce in ziploc bags and frozen it but... that takes up a lot of freezer space.

So this time... we are going to can them using the water-bath canner.

And a lot of one litre (quart?) and 1/2 litre (pint?) jars.

Yum!!! We are going to have apple sauce for the whole winter!

It tastes really good in plain Greek yogurt. Mind you... making apple sauce can be dangerous. Which is why I supervise from the distant sidelines.

When the apple sauce is burping away, sometime it's spits out bits of sauce. If that lands on your inner forearm (like it did with Mama), it burns quite quickly. This is the day after. It made a nice blister. (Mama says it's healing fine...) Can you imagine if some hot apple sauce landed on my fur??? I might be scarred for life!

Anyhow... be careful out there fellow stuffies!


  1. Be careful! Maybe you need a HAZMAT suit...

  2. You know, when you're making really good stuff in the kitchen like that, it is a well known bear fact that it is a beary good idea to have at least 3 different taste testers on hand, just to make sure that everything is just right. Now, let's see, there is Sandy... but you need two more taste testers just like Sandy... we wonder where you might be able to find two equally adorable volunteers. (giggle)

  3. Wow, you really stocked up on the apple sauce. Do you think you will eat it all before next fall when the new crop of apples comes in? Do glass jars travel well across customs?

    1. Apple sauce can lead to apple sauce cake....yum.

  4. When we made Applesauce, Sandy, we were So Fortunate not to Get Splashed!

  5. @Droopy - or at least my rain jacket... honestly, who knew that making apple sauce could be so dangerous. And if it landed in my fur... well... I might be scarred for life!
    @Jerry & Ben - Definitely could use some more taste-testers! Unfortunately... you guys live soooo far away... although you could come via parcel post for a visit...
    @Little Fox - We're going to give it our best shot! We still have freezer apple sauce so trying to use that up first to make room for turkey! I'm not sure about glass jars and customs... sigh... why are there no other stuffies in Canada???
    @Ryan - Thanks Ryan!!