Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A hike by the ocean

I do think Mama knows that I've been reviewing the mid-year review criteria. I'm getting all sorts of interesting expeditions lately. Ah well, little bears are easily bribed! Today, it was down to the ocean for a little hike.

 The Garry Oaks are looking pretty leafless at the moment - they were hard hit by the drought this summer. They grow mostly on rock with beary thin soil but...

You can see that they are putting out new leaves! They are evergreen oak so I guess they do this when they get water...

 I found a few hollow stumps along the trail and thought...

Maybe there are some bee hives in here... bees mean honey you know... but no such luck.

But... I did find something else... Do you see it? Way on top of that tree in the distance?  A little white speck...

See it?

How about now?

It's a bald eagle!! Cool! They hang out here a lot and that tree is one of their favourite trees. So I made note of it and headed off into the bush to see if I could find a stray tail feather or wing feather....

This is the tree right behind me but there were no feathers. Sigh... Although, my fleece jacket did pick up a ridiculous amount of burrs along the way.

It's a nice view from in here.

Don't you love the ocean? It always looks soooo beautiful in the sunshine.

Ah-hah... another hollow stump... still no bee hives though.

But that's OK... it's just nice to be out and about in the fall sunshine.

 Ahhh... too bad I didn't bring my ziploc-snorkel-bag... I could have gone swimming!


  1. Great photos Sandy! You are so lucky to live near the ocean. We love to see the sea and hear the waves.

  2. Great job of getting the photo of the eagle - either you got really close or have a very long range lense.

  3. you must have eagle eyes in order to have spotted that eagle! great job!

  4. the #peejayday edishun iz out! and your in it! http://ht.ly/UVIYd

  5. Nice post! Going for a walk near the ocean is the best hike for us so thanks for taking us with you :-)!

  6. @Jerry & Ben - Oh, on a sunny day, it's lovely! On a wet rainy day... not so much!
    @Droopy - no Tupperware. No Rubbermaid. A little bear has to draw the line somewhere.
    @Little Fox - Not so close but I guess the camera isn't too bad.
    @Ajdin - their white heads stick out so much, it's not too hard to spot them.
    @Teddy - thanks!
    @Hammie - It is great to get down to the ocean!